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All the Latest Local Search News - All in One Place - Updated in Real-time. See the latest posts from Mike Blumenthal, Phil Rosek and 90 other Local Search pros, plus a summary of the latest posts from the Google and Your Business Forum and the Local Search Forum all with a quick scan.

Bookmark and check daily to keep on top of the ever changing world of Local search.

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All the latest Local Search industry news, from all the top sources, all in one place.
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Linda Buquet

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Official Google Statement on ALL the Google Local Changes after Google+ Update - Mamta B from Google announced that the following features are no longer supported for Local pages on the new Google+ - Reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, opentable/apps integration. She explains the reasoning behind the changes and a whole lot more below.

I so wish they could have announced all this up front. It would have saved so much user confusion and frustration. But I appreciate them being transparent and letting us know now, so we have something official to point confused GMB owners and managers to.

Lot's more inside and a lively discussion to follow I'm sure...

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+Linda Buquet My pleasure. I hope you don't mind my deflecting 100% of the questions and comments in your direction. 
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Linda Buquet

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Google Official: Reviews Will Not Be Coming Back to G+ Local Pages.  There has been much speculation and debate about the fate of Google+ Local pages, especially since the new Google+ update (preview) came out.  By now most of you are aware that the whole review piece (and several other important pieces) are totally missing from the G+ Local pages.

Word came down from Google. Here is what you need to know now...
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There's a lot more that's not coming back to G+ Local pages either. In case anyone missed the news, official announcement from Google here:
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Linda Buquet

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A Guide to the New Google+ - Here is a great overview  of the new G+ features by +martin shervington
A Guide to the New Google+ (VIDEO)
Just about everything you'll need to know...

p.s. Full guide to mobile apps coming next week.
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Linda Buquet

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Google Reviews: Hacks for Creating Review URL Strings with the New Google+ -  With the new Google+ there are no reviews on the page, so you can't send customers there. PLUS now adding "review=1" to the link no longer works, so if you've been using that kind of link to get reviews, better change that one too.

Inside are lots of juicy tips from +Terry Simmonds and +Phil Rozek for the best and easiest ways to get customers reviews, now that everything changed again.
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Yeah, I just don't get it. On the heels of rolling out a heavily review-oriented program to a much, much wider audience, now is when they decide to go play hide-and-seek with reviews? 
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Linda Buquet

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The New Google+ and the Impact on Google Local!  The good news? Google+ is not Dead. But bad news for Google Local. Part I. Lots of links and info inside, but more coming. We are all just digesting this so jump into the forum to discuss what you are seeing - or not seeing now.

h/t +Ana Hoffman for the tip about how to force the update so you can see the changes - if you don't have it yet.
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There's a lot more that's not coming back to G+ Local pages either. In case anyone in this thread missed the news - official announcement from Google here:
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Linda Buquet

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Happy Thanksgiving from Everyone on the Local Search Forum Team!  Time to give thanks and I'm so thankful for all of our great community members, all my "Pro" training clients, my amazing forum Admin David & all of our Moderators & Top Contributors; Colan, Scott, Eric, Phil, Darren, Joy, Priya, Cody, Casey, Dan, Michael, Christa, Susan and Justin. I could not run this place without your help!

I sincerely wish all the Local Search Forum members and my Google+ followers & your families the best Thanksgiving ever!
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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Fplks
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Linda Buquet

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Free Tools for Generating Google Review Links now that G+ Reviews are Gone -  If you read my post yesterday, it's official! Google: Reviews won't be coming back on G+. But savvy pros at the Local Search Forum started brainstorming and created tools for auto-generating Google Review links since you can no longer link to the G+ L page and now that "review=1" is no longer an option.

In a previous forum post I shared some great new Google review info +Terry Simmonds discovered. And out of that discussion 2 new tools were born from +Stan Kolev and +Jon Hall from

Read all about it and get the tools inside...

#googlemybusiness #googlereviews  
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Love this tool!!!
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Linda Buquet

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The NEW Google+: A Tutorial by Ana Hoffman & Big Picture Comments from Google+ Experts!  The NEW Google+ is very different than what you are used to. Things like circles have totally changed and in fact, in the beginning many reported circles were gone. They aren't, you just need to know how to find them and manage them. The tutorial below from +Ana Hoffman will show you everything you need to know now. (As far as the regular Google+ social features.)

I also go into the changes that have impacted Google Local.

And I share some VERY IMPORTANT comments from my friend +Ben Fisher and 2 other Google+ experts that are really in the know:  +John Skeats and +John R. Ellis

All stress that this version of G+ is just a pilot, lots of changes are coming and Google is taking feedback seriously to help shape the final product. 

Here is all the information you need to know now!
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MUCH appreciated, +Linda Buquet.
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Linda Buquet

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Twitter lists for local businesses - OK +Nick Rink  This is just SMART Local Marketing!  :-)
Guide to Twitter lists for local business

Twitter can be overwhelming for many local business people. The main issue is finding a way to cut through the noise and actually find local people to connect with. Twitter lists offer exactly that functionality.

In this post I've talked about what Twitter lists are, how to create them and also highlight 5 useful list ideas for local businesses:

☞ Clients and Friends
☞ Target Clients
☞ Competitors
☞ Your local area
☞ Influencers

Are you making use of lists on Twitter?

#ns #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing
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Thanks for sharing +Linda Buquet, really appreciate it.

Totally with you +Marilyn Moran They have soooo many uses and I've only really scratched the surface in this post. Let me know if you have any great Twitter list ideas ☺
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Linda Buquet

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Reviews in the Google Business Page Knowledge Panel is officially broken.  Frustrating review problem from fellow Google Top Contributor +Tim Capper. A single 2 year old negative review that has 2 mentions of competitors, gets broken into what looks like 3 separate negative reviews in the Knowledge Graph.
It's not often that I give up on something, but today, 1yr later, after seeing an update ... I have finally given up trying to get this issue resolved.

It's Officially FUBAR

#googlemybusiness   #googlelocal   #serp  
Reviews in the Google Business Page Knowledge Panel is officially broken.
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+Tim Capper That really is disgraceful. Feels like every Google Product I turn to, one or two things are broken, or they never worked right to begin with, or somethings just flat out incorrect. And then there's the Tin Man/Map Maker, the broken-down jalopy of the family, which I swear is held together with paper clips and tape on the inside. If Map Maker had ears, you'd see steam shooting from both sides every time you click through an element. ...and it seems that more often than not, Google is removing a feature I like (something that worked!), and leaving me with blinkers that don't work, a flat tire and 1/8 of a tank of gas (other features that don't work).
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