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Lavernius Tucker “Tucker”
Bow chica bow wow
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"Mess with those I care about and you'll be seeing the world on the floor."
Jack Foster
[Nickname/ Alais]

[Primary Weapon]
Rail Rifle
[Secondary Weapon]
Desert Earle Longslide
[Grenade(S) and/or Heavy Weapon]
Predator Shoulder Launcher
Fast aim and Quick-shot
[Combat Preformeance]
Above Average

[Skin Tone]
Young Aussie
[Scars/Other Features]
Pic Below

[Family and Relatives]
Mother and Seven Sisters
Jack was a young Australian boy who grew up in one of the cities. He never really was anything special before meeting a UAC recruiter, lying about his age to get past conscription, and showing potential as a soldier, he was made one of the specialists that dealt with sweep and clear missions. He made his way to the UAC Flagship and was eventually stationed else where as he made his way across the galaxy. He thought things were going to be an adventure but it turned out to be the opposite. He always talked about becoming a hero just like his father, but he never imagined this. He never wanted to see things like this, but he soon got used to what he was saying as he soon killed something that no one thought possible by a recruit. He managed to kill a Yautja.
Has predator shoulder cannon and arm blades.

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Name: Jaune Miles Arc
Alias: Agent Maine, Meta, Scariest Fucking Mute in the Galaxy, Jaune.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Student
Weapon: Brute-shot Mk. 2 (Brute Shot that changes into a Battle Axe.)
Weaknesses: Volatile
Skills: Hand to Hand combat, Ranged Combat, and Close Quarters combat.
Personality: Optimist and over achiever.
Likes: Team mates, Team RWBY, Family, and Faunas.
Dislikes: CRDL, Bullies, and Racists.

Bio: Jaune originally was a student at Beacon before being abducted by Project Freelancer and made into Agent Maine. After having his mind broken and throat shot out, he became closer to The Meta with every passing day. He finally made it back to Beacon where he soon met all of his team mates and friends again. He could no longer speak but he had been given Alpha to help translate.

Semblence Bio: Unknown.

Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Sapphire Blue.
Height: 8ft in armor, 6'6 out of it.
Tattoos: Meta Symbol on the back of head.
Body Type: Scraggly before becoming Meta, Muscular but Thin after becoming Meta.
Blood type: O Negative

Dad: Mr. Arc
Mom: Mrs. Arc
Brother: None
Sister: Seven Sisters.

Mentor: Pyrrha (Before Meta)
Best friend: Ren (Before and After Meta)
Enemies: Team CRDL (Before and After Meta)
Rivals: Cardin (Before and After Meta)
Team Mates: Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren.

~Love Life~
Sexuality: Straight
Lover: No one
Crush: Pyrrha
Relationship Status: Single
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Name: Jack Foster
Codename: Agent California, Noble 6, Lone Wolf, Young Wolf.
Rank: Freelancer
Nationality: Australian
Personality: Optimistic and caring but can become pretty cold when messes with.
Weapons: Binary Rifle and Dual Desert Eagles.
Quote: "Up and a then, lads. Let's go."

Facts: Young Aussie who lied his way into the army before being recruited into the project.

Note: Normally follows orders.
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(Open RP)
In the Argonne forest, in the middle of the night, hidden from the prying eyes, the main communication relay for all of Europe is located. Unknown to the guards, an inside operative has sabotaged the generator as the lights went out, leaving the whole facility in the dark. When two engineers went down, they never came back up as throughout the base, soldier after soldier was killed. When it finally got to the main command room, the place was soon shot up. With everyone dead, the soldier set the explosives as several trucks could be heard nearby. The explosives soon went off as the whole structure collapsed, leaving Nazi troops in disarray as communication across Europe for the military went out. When the trucks arrived, several people stepped out to see the burning ruins of the comms center. That's when...

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Name: Maine
Real Name: Jaune Miles Arc

Species: Human

Abilities: All armor enhancements that were taken and given, augmentation ment for Spartans.

Bio: Was originally a student of Beacon Academy before being taken into Project Freelancer where he was soon broken by The Director to make the perfect soldier and later Sigma in order to reclaim the other fragments in order to become 'human'. He was the new guy before Tex came around and he was not used to Freelancer life at all. He eventually got used to it after a few missions. He was eventually shot in the neck nine times and managed to get back up. This was how he got the nickname "The scariest fucking mute in the galaxy." He eventually regained who he was and now fights to protect those around him, including the innocent. He chose this path to walk down and now he walks it alone.

Weapons: Bruteshot.
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Real Name: Jack Foster
Codename: New Agent Maine
Weapons: DMR, Bruteshot, and M6C
Rank: LT
Team: Blue
AI: New Theta
Quote: "Trust your team and they'll get you pretty far."
Other facts: Good shot.
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Name: Lavernius Tucker

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Special abilities: Has a 'special' ability called "Meta Mode."

Nickname(s): Tucker

Height: 6'0

Weight: 175 lbs

Species: Human

Ethnicity: African American

Physical Description: Moderate build with a milk chocolate skin color with brown hair in dreadlocks and teal eyes.

Status: Active

Personality: Friendly to allies but extremely hostile towards enemies.

Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Allies: Reds, Blues, Carolina, Wash,

Enemies: Director, Chairman, Space Pirates

Love Interest: UKNOWN


Likes: The Reds and Blues, Family, N.C.A. (New Chorus Army),

Dislikes: Being alone, space pirates, Felix, losing his first friend in Blood Gulch.

Weapons: Prophet's Bane, Binary Rifle, DMR, M6C Magnum, and MA5D.

Armor: Photo below

Armor Enhancement(s): All of Maine's.

Skills: Sword skills and Hand to Hand when in Meta Mode. Knows every form of wrestling when in this mode.

Bio: A Blood Gulch sim trooper turned Army Captain. Led several military missions and helped bring down both the Director and Chairman Hardgrove. Was able to find a computer copy of Theta in the Freelancer computers on an offshore oil rig that was out of comms radius from the rest of Project Freelancer.

Early Life: Started out as sim trooper in Blood Gulch and spent a good deal of time with Church, Caboose and company. Remembers everything from day one in Blood Gulch, including how Caboose blew Church's ass up with the rank after 'accidentally' firing at him.

Quote(s): "Bow Chica Bow Wow" "What's to understand about swish swish stab, it's a sword not a fucking fighter jet."
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