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"Let's Walk About It!" And sometimes, let's go dance walking about it! For more info, visit, or call me, Fran Rew at (303) 321-1064, or email her at
"Let's Walk About It!" And sometimes, let's go dance walking about it! For more info, visit, or call me, Fran Rew at (303) 321-1064, or email her at

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In tomorrow's April 22, 2017, March For Science in Denver's Civic Center Park, look for this TTWalks' collaborative theme banner with the message:


On our TTWalks' "About," page we now have links to each of our 3 collaborators on this FOREST theme: CPFAN, CCS and TTW. We also included a link to our invitation for people globally to co-creatively share their captioned photos on this FOREST theme on our Facebook Co-Creativity captioned photo album.

Our collaborative TTWalks' red wagon, will include our theme message on bookmarks for handout, with our 3 collaborative logos, and web addresses.

We'll have 2 banners, one facing left and the other facing right on our red wagon.

The other banner is the banner we shared in our collaborative January 2017 MLK Marade, with matching bookmarks. This banner gives more information about our "FOREST" theme, with the paraphrased quote from Forest Ecologist Professor Suzanne Simard's "From Tree to Shining Tree" interview on RadioLab:

“TRUE COMPASSION with nature is like a WATER DROP empowered by an urban forest."

Along side Dr. Simard's paraphrased quote is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s quote:

“TRUE COMPASSION is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It is not haphazard or superficial. It comes to see that an EDIFICE that produces beggars needs restructuring."

Our "EDIFICE" which wastes our wealth of fresh water, from each “WATER DROP” shared by people and forests, needs restructuring.

Thank you for registering with the March For Science ( We look forward to sharing our TTWalks participation with you. To RSVP with TTWalks and view our updated FOREST theme event description, visit TTWalks calendar event announcement at:
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From right to left in the video photo below are 3 of the nearly 100 USA national volunteer staff leaders for the global March For Science movement: Courtnie Weber (USA Social Media Co-Lead), Caroline Weinberg (USA co-chair), Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (USA Co-Director of Partnerships).

Sending all the volunteer staff at the global March For Science an increasing flow of love and gratitude. Thank you for empowering more of the full diversity of our global co-creativity toward new and better political possibilities. I'm looking forward to sharing new choices of combined economically healthy living energy currency (environment and people) and monetary currency (money aka agreement) choices. Thank you for inspiring us all!

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March For Science (Earth Day), April 22, 2017, Saturday, Denver's schedule is 10 AM to 3 PM, over 400 other global locations, including Washington, D.C. have their own schedules.

To register your support and/or participate go to

Historically, our best “political possibilities” have appeared to stem from empowering our full diversity of co-creative potential, in order to restructure the best mutualistic support for both our living energy currency (environment and each otherI), and our non-living currency (monetary aka agreements)..

In Denver, Colorado, USA, our Topic-Talk Walks' peripatetic learning walking conversation group is collaboratively participating in this global March for Science movement.. More details about our collaborative participation are posted on our Meetup calendar event at

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016, will begin the 1st of a series of 5 Peripatetic Learning/Teaching Topic (PLT) events on the topic of:

Journey from Nature to Science!
Defining an Economics of Compassion.
What's possible?
Rediscovering Denver's wealth!

More details about this first of a series of monthly (last Wednesday of the month) event is located on the Topic-Talk Walks (TTWalks) Facebook and Meetup calendars on the LINKS below:

Our one-word subtopic for our June PLT is "Energy." We'll be using the example of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and the ash trees we'll be walking past during this guided PLT in Denver City Park, Denver, Colorado, USA.

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On our Topic-Talk Walks (TTWalks) calendar on Meetup for May 25, 2016, in Denver City Park,, we have an exciting adventure of a walking conversation topic (aka Peripatetic Learning Topic - PLT).

Chris Hansen and Roya Brown will be leading this PLT on the topic of Public Education in Colorado. Our PLT format is light and easy. Chris and Roya will give a 5-minute introduction, and then give one question for each of two 10-minute walking conversations to nearby park statues. Then we'll have a free-style walking conversation for 15 minutes to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science's planetarium to listen to their monthly "60 Minutes in Space" presentation.

You can read more about the specifics of this event on Meetup at::

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I believe that the ColoradoCare Amendment 69 on the 2016 Presidential Ballot will help Coloradans to co-create the exponential economic growth in monetized wealth, which historically has only possible through a structural design that enables the growth of an Economics of Compassion.

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Check out this video on YouTube:

Bernie Sanders is asking us to learn how to recognize healthy versus unhealthy corporate cultures. Would Bernie agree with the CEO's in this video about what creates the best corporate cultures?

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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You’re invited to join Topic-Talk Walks (TTWalks) co-hosts Fran and Richard Rew in the 2016 annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Marade (March and Parade). This parade is the only one of it’s kind in the nation. It celebrates our shared evolving dream for a compassionate humanity on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s (MLK) birthday, and his “I Have a Dream” speech in the 1963 March in Washington, D.C.. 

Our TTWalks’ group joins the Marade in celebrating each person’s favorite example’s of our umbrella theme topic of an Economics of Compassion.

Each year, over 30,000 people participate in on the 3rd Monday morning of January. Here are links directly to the domain and Facebook websites of the organizers of this annual Marade with more detailed Marade event information: 

We’ll be walking from the MLK Monument in City Park (located north of East High School, and west of the City Park Boathouse) walking from Esplanade in front of East High School and then turning at Colfax for our 3-mile walk to the Marade’s closing ceremony in the Civic Center Park on the west side of Broadway in front of the Colorado State Capitol building.

If you arrive around 8:30 AM, you should be able to find parking in the East High School parking lots on the west side of the high school off of Josephine Street between Colfax and 17th Avenue. 

Parking options near City Park disappear rapidly closer to 9:30 AM. 

You could also park in the many parking locations next to the Denver Public Library off of Broadway and 13th Street, and take the bus to the East High School bus stop on Colfax, and walk about 5 blocks to the MLK Monument from that bus stop. Then you’ll be near your car when you reach the end of the Marade, and won’t need to walk or bus back to your car.

You can find our TTWalks' group between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM gathering near the west side of the MLK monument, near the Kaiser Permanente tent. We’ll be standing next to our red wagon, which will be holding our purple flag open. Our flag shows our 2013 MLK Marade favorite examples of an Economics of Compassion. 

Around 10 AM, there is a Marade starting ceremony, followed by groups and individuals taking turns to randomly line up behind the Marade leaders to begin the parade down Colfax.
If you loose track of where our TTWalks’ group is located during the Marade, just look for our purple flag shown in the image below in Fran's comment.

For a backup way to find our TTWalks’ group in this crowd, please feel free to call or text Fran on her cell phone ideally at least one day before the Marade, so that Fran can respond to your text or call you before the Marade begins. Fran’s cell number is (720) 474-5182. 

If for any reason you don’t see our TTWalks’ flag, you may be able to see and hear our TTWalks' mascot TTW Frog and his grandfather frog (both green backpack frogs with orange hands and feet). Each frog will carry an internal loud speaker playing celebration music for walking or freestyle dance-walking along our 3-mile parade. 

Dress in layers. Bring water and snacks for yourself. Although the early morning temperatures may be cold, the temperature may warm up considerably, especially after you’ve been walking.

After the Marade’s closing ceremony in the Civic Center, we invite you to join us for lunch at the Mad Greens’s restaurant next to the Art Museum. 

This annual Marade goes on rain or shine. However, if the weather conditions are too difficult for your co-hosts Fran and Richard to attend, Fran will post an update on each of the TTWalks’ event announcements. So far Fran and Richard haven’t missed an MLK Marade event since 2008 through all weather conditions.

At the beginning of last year's 2015 MLK Marade, our TTWalks group met another group of young people, who we'd never met before. They were holding up a large banner with this same MLK quote we had on our free handout bookmarks. Below (also in Fran's comments) is a picture of this diverse group of individuals and their banner in the 2015 Marade:

Each year, we inspire each other to learn more about this phrase. We’ve discovered that the examples and definitions of the phrase “Economics of Compassion” are as diverse as each individual’s definition of “Love” itself. 

Our mascot TTW Frog’s definition of an "Economics of Compassion" is conservation of his living frog energy, because energy is a frog's only economic currency. Our TTW Frog has a photo-cartoon story on our Topic-Talk Walks' Facebook page about his search for the equation for Living Energy (see link in Fran's comment below). He’s beginning to think that there’s a Living Love Energy that helps frogs to conserve their energy. Richard and Fran will bring origami jumping frogs with Love heart stickers on their backs for TTWalkers to share. 

The following Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote about the economics of compassion is on our TTWalks bookmark handout (see photo in Fran's comment below):

"True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring."

If you’d like a few of these bookmarks for yourself, or if you’d like to have a couple bookmarks to share with anyone who asks for one, just ask Fran or Richard Rew to give you a few bookmarks anytime during the Marade.

Thank you for taking the time to read our TTWalks' invitation for you to share this event with us.

We hope you can join our TTWalks’ celebration in this 2016 MLK Marade!

Warm wishes for a new beautiful year full of your best ever experiences of an "Economics of Compassion."

Fran and Richard Rew 
(720) 474-5182 (Fran's cell phone) 
(720) 254-8000 (Richard’s cell phone)
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