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Joseph Marikle
Wait what?
Wait what?

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CSS 3D Bar Graph #HTML #CSS

I've thrown together a quick (and not so simple) bar graph demo made entirely out of CSS. Now, naturally, you can do this easily width just a div and some height and some color, but this was actually sparked by this demo:

I saw that it used images and thought "hm... this could be done with a few css tricks." The bar values directly correlate to the height of the individual bar elements (48% height is actually 48% bar graph value).

I'm not taking this too serious as it was just for fun, but if it can be useful to anyone for learning or whatnot that would be awesome too. :D


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I've made a user script for Google+. It allows you to keep scrolling through a profile page without having to constantly click the "More" button.

Feel free to give any feedback. :)

For more info and to install it, go here
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