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On Bears, Camus and a Mutual Love for Emily Dickinson: Interview with Jenny Torres Sanchez
I'm so happy to welcome Jenny Torres Sanchez back to On The Verge. Jenny's novel Death, Dickinson and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia  made me a fan, and later led to our friendship (I mean, who else can I talk to about my love for Emily Dickinson ?) A...

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Adventures in New York: Tales of Blizzards, Russian Novels, Emily Dickinson, and a Writing Conference with 1200 of My Closest Friends
Day One: I'm here a night early because a snowstorm's coming and my airline suggests that I go, so I do, fortunate to have a place to stay, an apartment way uptown with a friend. I'm a grown-up in the cab, feeling sophisticated as I give the driver the addr...

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How to Treat Books: Thoughts on Buiding Book Towers, Writing in Margins, and Cracking Spines
When I was in college I spent the night at a relative's house, and bored, after everyone had gone to bed, I perused a bookshelf filled with rows of pristine hardcover gold-tinged classics and pulled one out to read. Later, I set the book down, dangling it o...

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Bonding in the Porta Potty Line: Dispatches from the Women's March in Washington D.C.
One thing all women know: there will be a line for the bathroom. We talk to each other in those lines, smile, nod, in solidarity. We never cut in front of each other-- unless it is an emergency, or we are toting a small child who is wailing that he has to G...

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Why I March in the Women's March
I am going to the Women's March in DC this Saturday because this election and the upcoming administration feels like an assault on everything I believe. I wanted to make a protest sign to articulate all of my thoughts, all of my reasons for protesting. I sa...

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Take Two
I wrote a book in November. Correction: I wrote the first draft of a book in November. Okay, it wasn't a "book" exactly. More like 65,000 words molded into a book-like shape. Characters. Scenes. Pieces and chunks of scenes. A possible beginning. A foggy mid...

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I Read Harder This Year...
specifically , I pushed myself to complete the 2016  Book Riot Read Harder Challenge . It was fun at first, searching out books to fill the categories, checking off the items on the list. A horror book, a book over 500 pages, a book of essays, a book publis...

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Why I unfriended you on Facebook
because I am a coward and I couldn't tell you in real life how I felt or what I was thinking and it was so easy to click Unfriend. It was a spur of the moment decision, not planned ahead of time or calculated, just a momentary surge of outrage and sadness a...

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Memories of Christmases Past
~Christmas in 1979? Maybe 1980? The American hostages had been held in Iran for a long time and we were told to pray for their safety and I did, even though I had no understanding of why they were taken hostage or even where Iran was, but that Christmas Eve...

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Terror in the Driveway: A Horror Story by Jody Casella
Last week was kind of stressful. My husband's car died when he was on the interstate and he had to get it--and himself--towed home. The next day the furnace started making a weird clanking sound and when I called a technician out to look at it, he immediate...
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