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Ram Prakash Sahu
A life is as simple as possible, not a one bit smaller
A life is as simple as possible, not a one bit smaller

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hello guys today is very busy day for me and u also 
because a lot of work is provided to us...

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Hey guys something 4 U .....

Hey guys we are introducing a new community for u .

Today in UNIX practical some commands are not properly run because of some system configuration(networking problem) or due to some syntax problem like "emacs" and "ff" so, no need to fear ..... I m always with you

The main goal for next two days is ||||||  studies , studies , studies.

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few formulas to you...
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This is very interesting subject, by this you not only get knowledge about UNIX but also it gives fun to you.

If you any type of Probem related to math you firstly discuss with me and if i fail (rare case) normally i never fail then i take the help of some one.
    But i guarantee you for solving your problemmmmm..

Hey gays, if you have any type of problems related to your studies you can discuss with me i give my 100% for solving your problem, and the conversion between me and you is always confidential ....
           I am waiting for solving your problem

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my lab working hour....
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