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Max Bonbhel
Java and Android community guy. Founder and Managing Director of JCertif Conference ( Java and Android trainer at FUJITSU, founder of Congo Java User Group and JUG-AFRICA an umbrella Group for Java Groups located in Africa. - -
Java and Android community guy. Founder and Managing Director of JCertif Conference ( Java and Android trainer at FUJITSU, founder of Congo Java User Group and JUG-AFRICA an umbrella Group for Java Groups located in Africa. - -

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Here we are ! Go +YEKOLAB​

Chaleureusement accueilli par l'équipe, M. Pierre DANDJINOU (Vice-Président ICANN Afrique) a été conduit dans le bureau du Président de Yekolab pour une présentation laconique du projet. Partant de #JCertif à #Yekolab l'équipe a dû édifier le V.P sur l'historique et l'actualité de la communauté qui fait aujourd'hui la fierté de la sous région. Un échange riche, conduisant ce dernier à s'interroger sur la vision que promeut #Yekolab à long terme.
Une visite globale du local s'en ait suivie en débutant par des salles de formation. #Yekolab #ICANN
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À really great community moment !

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 Kigali au cœur de la dernière publication de    de mars/avril 2015
Thanks to +Edem A K and +Nelson Cishugi 

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A l'occasion du mois de la femme le #WTM Brazza (Women Techmakers) vous invitez a participer gratuitement à des Session de Formation sur les technologies Google, Java, HTML5 et plus encore... Ce 28 mars 2015 à #YEKOLAB #IWD   #JCertif  

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Here we are. Thanks to all the JCertif community members around the world. 
Woooooh le site aussi de Jcertif est habillé pour l'occasion 
Faites Y un tour

#JavaOne   #oracle   #jcertif2014   #Java   cc +Max Bonbhel +Séti Afanou +Dodo Ngoyi +alphonse ngassa  la team Jcertif présente à San Francisco! Go Go GO 

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Thanks +cedric Atangana for sharing !
+Max Bonbhel and +Lamine Ba presenting The Africa Android Challenge at The GDG Summit un Mountain View USA.

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Great moment at the Google Developer Group Summit ! Thanks +Chukwuemeka Afigbo for sharing!
+Max Bonbhel and +Lamine Ba presenting on +Africa Android Challenge at the global GDG Summit in Mountain View 

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AAC 2014 ! The magic happened in the  #Android community developers around Africa!
Imagine thousands of developers from all around Africa with the same focus at the very same period…that’s what synchronized Android #AAC / #GDG #Barcamp are all about!
Since January, Africa Android Challenge (#AAC) is back again with its second edition!

The challenge is a two-round process.  The first round qualifies the contestants from each region/country, while the second (and final) round defines winners of AAC in each category of the competition.  We have just completed the first round!

 We have received  more submissions than expected from across the African continent. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contribution  to make this success happen:  about 300 developers from over 30 countries  submitted applications!

More than 30 tech events have been organized across Africa from Tunisia to Mozambique to celebrate the challenge and its winners and to learn about Android from experts.  The attendees of these events have been remarkable by their passion, enthusiasm, desire to share ideas and knowledge. Their commitment  has been a great inspiration for the IT industry in Africa.  Hence, this challenge is clearly moving Africa forward! 

The most prolific country has been Cameroon, closely followed by Ivory Coast (see graph among pictures shared).  We were pleased to receive apps from countries participating in AAC for the first time, such as Mauritania, Rwanda, Angola, etc…  Many women groups joined the movement, including in Kenya, Tunisia, and Cameroon.
AAC is designed to motivate and encourage African developers to create innovative applications driven by local content. We were happy to discover KSL Fingerspelling, an app developed in Kenya to learn sign language. Please, have a look at the demo (KSL Fingerspelling Android App Walkthrough).  We have also consolidated a playlist of youtube videos from AAC participants, each marketing their own inventions (Youtube Playlist).
The results of this challenge lead us to believe once again that the African IT community is full of talents ready to be discovered and invested upon… The semi-finalists  will be revealed soon. #aac2014   #aac  
#AAC 2014: ROUND 1
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Oracle EOUC Summit - Sofia Bulgaria 2014
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