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Gladstone B. Alves
The Maverick Mathologist. The Anxiety-Driven Shadower. Icelando-Russophile. Currently trying to tackle ... well, mostly everything.
The Maverick Mathologist. The Anxiety-Driven Shadower. Icelando-Russophile. Currently trying to tackle ... well, mostly everything.

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"Many NASA missions – several by the Mars Exploration Program, plus Voyager, Galileo, Cassini, Dawn, and New Horizons – have identified a class of worlds not envisioned just a few decades ago: worlds with both extant and extinct liquid water oceans. Of these, Europa, Enceladus, and Titan have the best combination of attributes, including documented oceans, surface liquids, and organic chemistry, sufficient to motivate a significant and achievable human quest: to tangibly learn the limits of life in places we can reach with 21st-century technology. In this our century, we can know whether we are alone in the cosmos. Next steps toward exploring the primary ocean worlds are either already underway (e.g., Europa Clipper), under study (i.e., Europa Lander), or awaiting potential selection in the competitive New Frontiers mission program. Beyond these steps, the strategy challenge for an Ocean Worlds Exploration Program is how to implement the most ambitious steps within plausible budgetary scenarios that preserve a balanced solar system exploration program, on timescales meaningful to practicing scientists, lawmakers, and the public. Significant progress could be guaranteed for about $0.5B per year, about 1/40th of the NASA budget. The payoff would be a fundamental step forward in understanding our cosmic uniqueness, an unprecedented investment in science and the humanities."

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Não foi apenas uma vez que mencionei a dificuldade pra conseguir feedback pessoal útil (e, portanto, sincero e direto) - e como isso é, para mim ao menos, um problema presente ao longo de toda a vida, como foi particularmente pernicioso na adolescência e início da vida adulta, etc.
Tendo experimentado antes, sem sucesso, um formulário simples (uma única entrada), desta vez optei por um questionário, com perguntas mais específicas e algumas opções.
Aos que usarem 10 minutos de suas vidas para fazer isso, meu mais sincero agradecimento. Seria difícil falar isso com a segurança necessária, mas eu suponho que a utilidade desse feedback para mim ainda seria ao menos um pouco maior do que a utilidade que teria para a média das pessoas.

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One of the lamest excuses for the War on Science I've been seeing is the "appeal to authority" gambit. It comes after you point out that nearly all the folks who know a thing about climate - including those I know at JPL who have successfully modeled climate on six planets, and others whose finely-grained, cellular gas-vapor models span our globe and have expanded the weather-predictive window from four hours to 14 days(!)  - all of them know that human-spewed carbon is cooking the world, and all of them are deeply worried.

Ask any of the blaring denialist cultists out there if they can do any of that, or if they know anyone who can?

The response lately - spoon fed to them by the Koch-Saudi propaganda mill - is to denounce "the logical fallacy of appeal to authority!"  Which only proves that they not only know no science but do not actually know formal logic or semantics.  "Appeal to Authority" does not preclude Expert Testimony! That response can be used against a famous name quashing opposition with opinion. It does not apply when the vast majority of evidence-gatherers and successful modelers-of-reality testify about something they well-understand... especially when you and your favorite pundits do not!

Please, oh please, when you are ill, apply the same principle to the skill and knowledge "authority" of the physicians you run to, seeking help. Despise the expert firefighters you may need, someday, or the military officers whose skill keeps danger at bay.

Oh but the attitude is typical. The New Know-Nothings aren't just waging war on science but are also the same ones who brought us the Wars on  teaching, medicine, journalism, economics... and every other knowledge caste. Name an exception!

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"Taken together, these results suggest that high IU individuals take longer to discriminate between threat and safety cues because of threat generalization proneness. This effect may subsequently prolong the amount of exposure needed for high IU individuals to extinguish threat. The generalization of threat may serve as a key candidate marker for IU-based maintenance of fear and anxiety in disorders where generalization behavior is commonly observed, such as PTSD, specific phobia and panic disorder."

#anxiety   #gad   #ptsd   #panic   #phobia  

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"Increasing evidence points to a complex interplay between genes and the environment in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including rare de novomutations in chromatin genes such as methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (MECP2) in Rett syndrome. Epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation act at this interface, reflecting the plasticity in metabolic and neurodevelopmentally regulated gene pathways. Genome-wide studies of gene sequences, gene pathways and DNA methylation are providing valuable mechanistic insights into ASD. The dynamic developmental landscape of DNA methylation is vulnerable to numerous genetic and environmental insults: therefore, understanding pathways that are central to this 'perfect storm' will be crucial to improving the diagnosis and treatment of ASD."

#autism #asd #epigenetics

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“Let’s say that an autistic person of color is being raised in a community and culture that generally tends to view disability as a weakness and embarrassment. This situation is very different from that of an autistic person growing up in a community where seeking a diagnosis and related services are viewed as necessary and proactive. Let’s say than another autistic person of color is a part of a culture that upholds strict expectations of how community members should behave both at home and in the community. This person will likely face more than just autism-related challenges. They might be expected to interpret, understand, and adhere to community roles and expectations that are usually subliminally picked up on in infancy and childhood. This situation can prove difficult for a number of autistic persons regardless of race or ethnicity.”

#autism #race

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There’s just a 26 percent chance that any of the NHL’s seven Canadian franchises will make the playoffs this season, according to an analysis by my colleague Neil Paine. The last time no Canadian team made the playoffs was the 1969-70 season. What’s more, Canadian teams are in the midst of a 23-year Stanley Cup drought.

"But perhaps the cruelest part of this, Canada’s (figuratively) most bitter winter, is that its teams may not have actually gotten worse between last season and this one, in terms of their underlying skill. The average Corsi for Canadian squads this season (48.6 percent) is virtually identical to that of last season (48.5 percent), which means that Canada’s drop-off in goal differential — and, consequently, record — can largely be attributed to changes in shooting and save percentages, two numbers notorious for the influence that luck wields over them."

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Dual n-back (working memory) training could potentially be used for improving attentional control in anxious subjects.

"Caution is in order because there were so few participants and we don't know how long the apparent benefits of working memory training will last. The researchers characterise their results as a "proof of principle", and it's certainly exciting to think that a simple computerised task could help people become less anxious, simply by improving their basic memory skills."

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