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summer daze making me dizzy

Been talking with alot of people lately about abortion and its brought many silent friends out to voice their opinions more vocally than they usually do. My Mom told me a story about how she talked a friend out of having an abortion and it got me thinking. I wonder if that child grew up knowing that my mom had saved her life? Did she know how close she came to never having a chance to do all the things she took for granted? I never realized what a hero my mom is. What greater act of heroism than saving a life?

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Not sure where this was...

cannibalism, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

My kids are writing a movie script and their mom was trying to add zombies to all their ideas. Made me think of a positive twist on a zombie apocalypse story: a group of evangelists trying to lead zombies to the Lord. One last chance to save your dead relatives from eternal damnation. Oh what theological twists and turns could follow?

cannibalism, you are what you eat.

Save a life, eat a cannibal

a teacher is a crazy artist
whose classroom is a canvas
and knowledge is the paint.
creativity is the brush
that touches the minds
of the students we can reach.
graduation is the gallery
our masterpieces we show
and send away into the world.

Light path:

a child crawls
understanding dim
innocence bright

a you walks
life lightens
world calling away

an adult runs
wisdom brightening
heart breaking

an elder treads
footsteps deep
new life calling

Anger is a blade
with no handle
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