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Clic pe orice comentariu care defilează după fiecare postare pentru a vedea mai mult. (De exemplu holograf = hologrof).

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Another addition.

The reason diabetics have a sweet taste in their mouth all the time is because all secretions like urine, perspiration, saliva, name it are loaded with sugar because of course there is too much in their blood stream.

So if the production of amylase in the saliva is stopped or does not occur when sweet taste is detected normally following beginning of breaking down of the starch into maltose then glucose, that means salivary glands in diabetics will never produce amylase and other enzymes.

Undigested starch will go into stomach with little absorption and when they reach pancreatic duct will start transforming into sugar by pancreatic enzymes at a rate liver and cells cannot process then start deposit into inter-cellular tissues and blood stream.

So it's a cycle.

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Is that the broken window from where a woman had been sucked and aspired by the engine? But it is... downstream the engine!

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"Let me make it simple for you, without Linux, there is no Android".

Since Android uses one of Linux's kernels (most important part of an OS) how can it be proprietary?

About 2000 programmers from around the world volunteer and contribute to Linux kernel which is then used by Android for free. I never thought Google would get so low and licence it to manufacturers and now planning to cut that license?

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Fb just deleted the last post with this picture.

This Hungarian porn actress and singer, Ilona Staller, has been a member of the Italian Parliament (To this day i can't understand how a Hungarian born can be member of the Italian Parliament). Here with the Hungarian flag. Besides she also acts like a Romanian singer, Loredana Groza. I put this picture for the handwriting sample.

Facebook is also a Hungarian controlled business and Zuckerberg a Hungarian actor. So is g+, Google and most everything.

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Foarte interesant cum se închide turnul Eiffel la faze din astea!

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I've been listening to radio Free Europe for many years before 89 and i know how democracy works.

Trump is the head of the Federal Government. He is the Commander in Chief of US Armed Forces and also the chief of all State Secretaries including the Secretary of Justice who in turn is chief of all agencies including the FBI. Trump can't send FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) to search his own attorney as he can't send troops to fight against Americans on American soil or elsewhere. He also can't have a private attorney or a private life we should hear (every day) about.

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I think i saw this guy in the backyard last week measuring the building for the roofing project. I thought to myself. He is too old to be doing this... Is he bandy?
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