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Why the “good” FBI, may not be so good.

When you think of the FBI what do you think of? Do you think of them as loyal protecting people that help us? Or as a superhero? But from where I see it they are as bad as shit for the following reasons.
NOTICE : (Some of this information is old, but hey, it still proves something)
When the COINTELPRO system was established in August 1956 by the FBI. It was designed to "increase factionalism, cause disruption and win defections" inside the Communist Party U.S.A. (CPUSA). But did it do that? Yes, it did. But how they handled it was as good as crap. Why you might ask? Because on November 21, 1964 the FBI sent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a “suicide letter.” The letter that it sent was saying that King was done for. Here is link to the letter that the COINTELPRO sent :
Remember when the NSA was blamed for spying on a large amount of U.S. citizens. Remember? Well, who do you think built that technology for the NSA. The FBI. They built the technology for the NSA so they could spy on U.S. citizens. Now some of you might think, “No way, the FBI would never do that!” Well you're wrong. First of all, the NSA had no technology to do that.
Next, the FBI has continued to try the incipit people’s phones. For example, as some of you might know, the apple v. FBI case that lasted a long time ; before the FBI used a third pasty company to get into the phone. But even though many people think that the battle between the FBI and apple is over, it’s really not. Now that the FBI can get into people’s phone what will they do now? Phones are supposed to be private, a phone is something that is yours and only yours. But with the FBI able to get in, is it really your phone anymore?
Fourth, the FBI is crazy. When the COINTELPRO system was around the FBI used various disgusting methods. First, the FBI sometimes used illegal force. What did they do you might ask? Well for starters they conducted illegal break- ins, they also assisted, assassinated, and beat people. The FBI also used Legal harassment. They the FBI and police abused the legal system ; making it look like it was a crime. Following that, the FBI used dirty methods, such as plating fake or false media stories, published wrong leaflets in the name of the target person or group.
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