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Mai-Trang Nguyen
Works at Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader)
Attended San Francisco State
Lives in Santa Clara, California


Philosopher Trang,Silicon Valley Fashion Designer,Occupy The Universe Leader,Independence Of America/Queen Of the universe-America/International American
July 4th, 2014   Dear hiring manager: As an Occupy person, I seek for an internship, a part-time, or a full-time position as business-system manager, sales-administration manager, marketing coordinator, inventory manager, and web advertising coordinator.  Hiring me as an Occupy person will bring media-drama to you and your company.  I have a SJSU degree in advertising (marketing minor) and a SFSU teaching credential in social studies (with self-financed travels).  I am a recovering disable who needs accommodation for my sleeping-resting-stretching-yoga mat (new disability).  I can only type 1 hour a day with my arthritis, tendonitis, and spasmic sensory on finger tips.  Ideally, I need an office, a chiropractic bed, a secretary, and I only work in Santa Clara, CA.  Recently, I invented the Silicon Valley clothing (romantic work-clothing to upgrade boring Silicon Valley to another Paris) as a gift for humanity inspired by engineers, mathematicians, teachers, doctors-nurses, sale advertisers, drafters, hip-hop ‘ers’, parking guards, the universe, philosophers, house-wives, England, France, Vietnam, CEO’s, start-ups, dot-coms.  My top 4 products are: the Silicon Valley pants-jeans/engineer’s pants-jeans/computer-chips pants-jeans/smart pants-jeans/geek pants-jeans, Silicon Valley blazer/mathematician blazer, Silicon Valley shirt-jacket, Silicon Valley sweatshirt/less-violent sweatshirt/hot navy-collar sweatshirt, and the Silicon Valley jacket/the everyday-work jacket. As a Silicon Valley ex dot-comer out make money and save money who discovered a spiritual path, I successfully invested in my 14-year-mostly-alone-spiritual-corporate-research to discover the answers of life from reincarnation theory to the database of life by coming up with three new theories of life (‘life is a school of compassion’ via reincarnation from pre-school to practicing P.H.D., ‘nice guys win at the end’, and ‘nice guy wins at the end’).  I am going public as Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader)/female Buddha/female Freud/hard-core-heterosexual-female-with-eggs philosopher/the independence of America (queen of America/queen of the universe).  I have Vietnam-war scars proving I am the next chosen one. After the laid off, I financed my sabbatical to get a teaching credential, worked as a teacher to confirm my authoritative-mind-controlling intelligence, and fought for my freedom and became a disable as a credential teacher (soldier of education protecting democracy at home via my pro-se lawsuits in the U.S. Supreme Court: 11-661 and 10-1489).  I worked in grunt jobs to analyze more business angles and traveled to monitor customers, workers, and the gays.  I opened my home-business as a babysitter which progressed into two start-up ideas.  I entitled myself as:  philosopher Trang (philosopher Nguyen after a philosophy degree), Silicon Valley fashion designer, owner of two start-ups ((a corporate fashion company and Occupy investment firm (the people’s company)), civil-rights activist for the 1% and the heterosexuals, Asian-American civil-rights activist representing president Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Hollywood Trang (hardcore-heterosexual star in acting, singing, and dancing representing corporate values), a hard-core-heterosexual-female-with-eggs philosopher (female hippie philosopher) called the female Buddha (the female Freud), queen of the universe as the independence of America/queen of America ((international American or Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader)), Silicon Valley Fashion Week star, Silicon Valley Fashion Ball star, Silicon Valley Ugly Suit Party star, amateur lawyer, anti-facial-neck-wrinkles expert, double-chin expert, amateur physical therapist, amateur neck-chiropractor, inventor ((anti-wrinkle tapes, yoga bed, Silicon Valley chips (vegan chips), freedom house, wheelcar, wheelbag, and wheelcane)), protestor, and internet-personality-reality-star.   I, moi, Trang, defected gay America because I am born not gay.  My resume and portfolio are on:  Email me at or send me postcards (2250 Monroe Street, #182, Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA) for envelopes and packages will be trashed. Sincerely, Trang Nguyen CAREER OBJECTIVES To be hired as an Occupy worker in an internship, part-time, or full-time position in areas below as a recovering disabled from a work-related injury: - A business system manager as a database liaison. - A social-studies teacher in high-school level. - Occupy the workplace:  a consultant of law and the human resources departments in exposing a new threat at work (homosexual harassment, sexual assault, and bullying on heterosexuals). - Occupy the American Medical Association:  a consultant of the A.M.A. to convert their certified medical morons of both ethnic-Americans and Caucasian-Americans (doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, MRI technicians, EMT technicians, and medical secretaries) back into glorified healers. - Occupy the law enforcement and judicial disciplines:  a consultant of the police departments and the courts to convert the morons in our police officers and our judges into humans we look up to and admire. - Occupy fashion:  a cool fashion consultant as the Silicon Valley fashion designer (the corporate fashion designer, the hard-core-heterosexual female fashion designer, or the mother designer) to fix the negative image of America and to build a universe of strong and attractive working force via my fashion (armor), healthy skin (less facial-and-neck wrinkles and less saggy skin via my homemade anti-wrinkle bandages of clear surgical tapes and Vaseline oil as glue), healthy posture (no hump-back, no turtle-neck, and no turtle-shoulders by doing reversed-directional-light-weight stretching with the resistance band next to the cubical, at the gym, and at home on my invention called the stretching-yoga bed), and no double-chin (healthier eating of boiled vegies to substitute for heavy starch or two good meals per day). - Occupy the United Nations:  an international-and-universal-relations ambassador as Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader) with teaching credential, corporate experience, and street-law credits (pro-se lawsuits, self-financed traveling to at least 10 countries and 5 states, activism, volunteering, internet personality, philosophy, battle with the gays, a hippie, and fashion) who is out to build the constitution of the world and formalize important holidays for the world to follow as one country. - Occupy philosophy and religions:  a religious-and-philosophy consultant as the female Buddha, the female Freud, the wife of the Lord/God/Allah/Isha or the sun (white in the day and black at night), the heterosexual soul of the father of Jesus living as a hardcore-heterosexual female with eggs, Mother Nature, and the clean female corporate-hippie with my philosophies:  ‘life is a school of compassion’ via reincarnation from pre-school to practicing P.H.D., ‘nice guys win at the end’, and ‘nice guy wins at the end.’ ” - Occupy Hollywood:  Hollywood Trang as a hardcore-heterosexual female movie star (the Silicon-Valley Hollywood star or the corporate star in acting, singing, dancing, fashion, and modeling representing corporate values).  - Occupy Congress:  “As an ex medical-marijuana patient of five years with no mental pills who became an activist for the 1% and the heterosexuals, and who used to be a teacher and a corporate person, I will confirm how pot saved me from my crippled misery and helped me become a thriving recovering-disable with many opportunities.” - Occupy Law:  I want hardcore-heterosexual civil-rights lawyers to confirm if I have outsmarted the United States Supreme Courts judges in my Starbucks and Gallagher Bassett Services lawsuits cemented in the U.S. Supreme Court: 11-661 and 10-1489.  As an Occupy person, I intend to make new laws to cement the cracks that made me fell out of the system’s protection for I am a human and deserve protection, too. - Occupy Wall Street:  I want investors for one of my two start-ups that invest in non-violent Occupy people.  One day, this start-up will be owned by the Occupy people and it will be known in the trading market as ‘the people’s company.’ - Occupy the British Royal family:  “If you are not born a homo, need a homo around for survival, came out of homosexual dna, succumb to homosexual acts for advancement, and learn about moi via a homo: a royal British heterosexual male with sperms, you and I ((moi, Trang, the independence of America or Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader)) rule humanity and the universe forever.”  I, Trang, want to have a healthy child with a British-royal-heterosexual-male-with-sperms to expand ‘English’ territories with my extremely-hard-earned American citizenship: a marriage of Protestant and reincarnation (hippie marriage or no signature necessary) to install the reincarnation theory into the Church of England, promote English as earth’s main language, and prepare for the arrival of the Lord/God himself/Allah/Isha/the sun (the father of Jesus) coming down when humanity interacts with outer-space aliens as a hardcore heterosexual white-white man with sperms with pure English blood of white-white-Northern-European features, blonde hair, and blue eyes to be the king of the universe.  I, Trang, Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader), queen of America (the independence of America)/the universe/humanity/earth (Mother Nature)/wife-baby-mother of the Lord (the Sun) defected gay America to leave the gay-controlled country to conquer the universe representing America’s workable freedom values.  Vietnam has God’s heart, our English intelligence via our Roman alphabet from our England’s missionaries, our fashion eyes of our imperialism of France, our American wisdom of our America in our Vietnam war, our independent value of our China, and our black-infected blood from our Africa.      OWNER OF TWO START-UPS Corporate Fashion (certified name to be revealed soon)(Sep 2012 - current)                                                                                                         A company with a mission to profit from selling work clothing in Silicon Valley style (universal-business style) for men and women (at-work, off-work, casual wear, couture).  Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader) (2011, 1st certification in Jun 2012 and 2nd certification on Oct 2013 - current)                     The Occupy corporation (the people’s company or the hippie corporation):  the universal investment firm which builds the future of humanity and the universe by investing in non-violent Occupy people and non-violent-non-Occupy people using the Amway selling system via college, jobs, housing, and savings.  The international purpose is to promote English, native-tongue language, French, Latin, law, movies, music, science, math, engineering, teaching, philosophy, the gays (out of the closets with disability money), vegan fast-foods, architecture, literature, arts, space, fashion, advertising, business, acting, Hollywood, etc.  A section of profit will be used to repay the damages that were created by the Occupy movement onto the businesses.   SELF EMPLOYMENT WHILE ON DISABILITY CHECKS AS A RECOVERING DISABLED  ((6.2 YEARS OF CRIPPLED STRESS AT THE MERIDIAN-POINT WHICH CREATED THE HUMP-BACK, THE TURLE-NECK, AND THE TURTLE SHOULDERS AS A RESULT OF AN EMPLOYER-ABANDONED-WORK-INJURY (STARBUCKS BACK-STRAIN IN LOWER LEFT-BACK), WEAK CRACKING PELVIC AREA, WEAK CRACKING KNEES, WEAK SPASMIC FEET, WEAK HANDS AND WRISTS (TENDONITIS AND CARPAL TUNNEL), WEAK SPASMIC FINGER TIPS, TIRED EYES, AND LOW ENERGY OF CRIPPLED-SEIZURE-MOVEMENT-LIKE SPASMIC HEADACHE WHICH REQUIRES TO BE LAID DOWN ON A HARD SURFACE PARALLEL TO THE FLOOR IN SOLITUDE AND IN THE DARK TO REST)) Corporate Stylist     (2012 - current)                                                                                          “If I can make myself this powerful, I can make you more powerful,” said Trang, a recent disable from an employer-abandoned-job-related injury who was forced to reinvent herself starting with designing a new set of clothing to fit her crippled body to maintain her powerful status.  As her own stylist, she built the perfect image of the female corporate person, Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader), with a mission to profit and share profit (donation and profit sharing) via selling corporate fashion(business/entrepreneur/hardcore-heterosexual clothing) to humanity and the universe (at-work-and-off-work clothing).                                                                    Silicon Valley Fashion Designer (2012 - current)                                                                                         As a recovering crippled woman, I design clothing for old people so they can get hired for jobs at any age.  As a corporate woman, I design clothing for workers so they can be productive and enthusiastic with customer-service attitude while looking less nasty, frumpy, and sloppy like they do now. As a hippie, I style the fabrics and design the clothing so they can look good together, universal, last longest, and youthful.  As a teacher, I redesign other designers’ clothing so the pieces can be eternal or will always be worn by humans. As a hardcore heterosexual female, I design clothing that fits people’s sexuality so they can live happy and honest lives:  the gay looks if you are a gay male, the lesbian looks if you are lesbian, less gay-looking if you are straight male, and less lesbian-looking if you are a straight female.  As a hopefully-future mother, I design clothing for all ethnicities, sizes, height, disability, professions, sexuality, etc.  As a hopefully-future wife, I design clothing for my straight man to be strong so he will never succumb to gay people   As the female Buddha, I donate and share a chunk of my profit for good karma, and give away my design for free to white people and all people for all the things we Asians have copied and stolen in the past.  As a soulful person, I redesign old-fashioned clothing to make them hot and eternal.  As a frugal person, I only design clothing that I am madly in love with.  As a future fashion student of Parisian finest fashion school, I will document my work into the fashion bible as one of humanity’s great fashion designers as a hardcore-heterosexual female,” said Trang, the Silicon Valley fashion designer. Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader), International Civil-Rights Activist, Street Lawyer (Pro Se), and Internet Reality-Star (2011 – current)                                                      -As an activist, I fight for my freedom to be a heterosexual while working for a gay-controlled company and in a gay-controlled country.  Also, as an activist, I fight for my freedom to be the 1% (the rulers) living with the 99% (the minions).                                                                                               -I am a heterosexual whistle blower (representative of the 1% and activist for the heterosexuality) defected gay America ((the weak America that allowed homosexuals to impose reversed discrimination on heterosexuals (permitted homosexuals to impose sexual harassments, assaults, and bullying on heterosexuals), promoted Spanish as the second language, and encouraged Muslim-Americans to violate the American law or freedom law while living in America during this unfortunate war in the Middle-East)).                                                                                                                      -The mission is to prevent humanity from homosexuals-against-heterosexuals at the workplace and at educational areas through sexual assaults, harassments, and bullying.  The audiences are corporations via Starbucks (a gay-marriage company that was caught by me for promoting homosexuals to impose reversed discrimination-crimes on heterosexuals with me as their victim), America, the  U.S. Supreme Court, gay California, California Supreme Court, California Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board in San Francisco, gay San Francisco, homosexual population, homosexual compassionates, and humanity.                                                                                                   -My pro-se lawsuits are in the U.S. Supreme Court (11-661 and 10-1489) as a street lawyer (I-am-my-own lawyer) or amateur lawyer:  “I sue to get answers and to cement new cracks in earth’s and the universe freedom system (my version of American democracy) as Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader).  My laws target: (1) employees at companies/fast-food-mom-and-pop-hotel restaurants/hotels/grocery stores/clothing stores/etc. will be sued directly for damages even after they quit or get fired, (2) businesses will pay the most money if they allow their gay employees to sexually harass, assault, and bully heterosexual employees, (3) aim direct lawsuits to judges, doctors, policemen, librarians, city sweepers, security guards, equal-opportunity investigator, students, parents, principals, ticketing officers, and people who run the homeowner association (president and secretary of HOA), and (4) sue for financial damages and deportation non-American citizens who harass, intimidate, bully, and sexual assault American citizens while on American soil.”                                                              -The 3 languages to occupy humanity are English, the native-tongue language, and French.  English is the main language of humanity in country or family called Earth.  The native-tongue language is the second language of humanity (Caucasians can learn Latin as their native-tongue language.  Note to Americans:  Latin is not Latino).  French is humanity’s third language for it is already in Asia (in my birth country called Vietnam), Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas (Canada’s and America’s images will be upgraded via their French connection--The American Constitution, basics of the freedom law, was written on French ideas via President Thomas Jefferson).                                                                       -I want to install social-securities benefits around the world to encourage the gays to come out of their closets safely and securely for physical violence on the wives can be created by closet-gay husbands’ gay-closet aggressions.                                                                                                -My main goal is to be an employee of the United Nations working with companies to improve the working-condition, and to become another winner of the Nobel Peace Prize as an Occupy person or hippie.  I will share my financial prize with others.                                       Asian-American Civil-Rights Activist and Street Lawyer (Pro Se) or Amateur Lawyer (2008 - current)                                                                                                         As a corporate worker who turned teacher and an activist for freedom, I plan to see Congress about medical marijuana following the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Thomas Jefferson.   SILICON-VALLEY-HOLLYWOOD STAR AND CONFESSION                                                                                               I had one unnecessary plastic procedure (double-eye-lid surgery for an indentation-line above my angry-slanted-hidden-soul-tiny eyes for my praying-vanity reason in which I didn’t need if I had more self-esteem as a teenager at 19 years old). My star fee is $25,000,000 or 25,000,000 euros per interview/year/company—At least half of the money will be donated to humanity and build Roman-Catholic churches under Protestant words via Church of England to include the Buddhist reincarnation theory.  
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I enjoy paying for my own expenses
  • San Francisco State
    Teaching, 2005
  • San Jose State
    Advertising, 1995
  • Andrew Hill High School
    High School Diploma, 1991
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April 13
Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader)
Hard-core heterosexuality and youthful philosophies, fashion, database liason, social-studies teaching, advertising, marketing, tutoring, and babysitting, and less-facial-neck-wrinkles-double-chin-and-straight-posture-exercising-stretching expert.
  • Occupy The Universe Leader (Formerly Occupy World Leader)
    Owner, 2012 - present
    Developed two start-up ideas while on disability in order to make money to get off the financial support of disability.
  • Starbucks
    Barista, 2007 - 2008
    Barista (Oct 07 – June 08) -Increased sales for Starbucks in new and current business via ninja-speed of keying sales into the register, providing decent customer’s service, and serving as on-call-back-up barista when other baristas were absent. -Supported district and store manager in maintaining professional order among co-workers during crisis time ((abruptly changed two store managers in seven months: the one of managers (a gay man who hired me) went on a paid mental-sickness sabbatical because the working condition was unhealthy and illegal)). NOTE: While I was on my sabbatical, I took this odd job for excellent full health-benefits for part-time workers and flexible hours. I quit this job to sue Starbucks for sexual assault and bullying by homosexuals against heterosexual (me) after my work-back strain injury was neglected by the company. After these lawsuits, I became a civil-rights activists for the heterosexuals.
  • Avant-Garde Tutoring/Internet Philosopher
    Owner, 2006 - 2007
    Owner (Oct 06 - Sep 07) -In my home-business of tutoring and babysitting, I worked as a full-time babysitter (almost for free as an introductory cost) for a 2-year-old male client in nurturing him to be a well-informed and independent pre-school candidate. I also tutored myself (my first client) in philosophy under this business name. After the corporate and teaching world, I discovered fate is a ‘database’ so I immersed into philosophy with my three theories: life is a school of compassion, nice guys win at the end, and nice guy wins at the end. I published my findings on the internet to be challenged universally as an internet reality- star.
  • Kimco Office Pros
    Temporary Office Worker, 2005 - 2006
    Temporary Office Worker (Dec 05 - Sep 06) -Performed administrative tasks in human resources, accounting, and customer-service to collect more experience in business.
  • South San Francisco School District at El Camino High School
    Social Studies/Business-Typing Teacher, 2005 - 2005
    Social Studies/Business-Typing Teacher (Aug 05 - Dec 05) -Mastered the real-life education of 150 students by developing fun, interesting, and mind-challenging lesson plans to expand their analytical skills to prepare them for college and adulthood in U.S. history, world history, accounting, and computer typing classes: “I quit with a two-week notice because the work interfere with the safety of my life when an ethnic-male parent and ethnic-male students imposed physical macho-ness to intimidate me while the new lesbian principal didn’t take my complaints seriously.”
  • Oakland Unified School and Jefferson High School Districts
    Substitute Teacher, 2002 - 2005
    Substitute Teacher (Nov 02 - Jun 05) -Worked as a substitute teacher for all levels and subjects on abled and disabled students to instill self-esteem into them while I quietly studied the minds of students of future America and future world.
    Business System Manager, 2008 - 2011
    Business System Manager (Nov 99 - Jul 01) -Worked as sales liaison with marketing, advertising, finance, and technology to build and analyze reports (forecast, inventory, ad traffic, leads, and mailing list) to maximize sales revenue. -Worked in a team which built, implemented, managed, and trained the Siebel sales automation system among 100 national users. Sales Administration Manager (Nov 98 - Nov 99) -Worked for sales to interact with ad operation, business development, accounting, and finance to develop the process for trafficking contracts, posting ad confirmations, ad changes, and campaign delivery reports to maximize sales revenue.
    Inventory Manager, 1996 - 1998
    Sales/Marketing Coordinator (Mar 98 - Nov 98) -Worked for sales and marketing in the software department doing sales calls, trade shows, and direct mail to increase sales revenue and brand image. Inventory Manager (Sep 96 - Mar 98) -Worked in ad operations to manage and maintain the advertising-inventory process by entering sales contracts, pulling inventory reports, and analyzing reports to maximize sales revenue.
    Web Advertising Coordinator, 1996 - 1996
    Web Advertising Coordinator (Jan 96 - Aug 96) -Worked for sales in managing the traffic flow of on-line advertising for properties of Netscape, Excite, Oracle, and DoubleClick network to increase sales revenue.
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Santa Clara, California
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2250 Monroe Street, # 182, Santa Clara CA 95050