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The Gender Expression in Tango
Unlike in America where gender expression is considered politically
incorrect, in Argentina it is a cultural symbol, which is evident in many aspects
of their life* and particularly in their dance. In chacarera, for example, the man deliberately demonstrate...

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Women's Feminine Beauty in Tango
The fact that more women dance tango than men may be
attributed in part to their beauty. I don't think it's coincidental that in tango the percentage
of women with a beautiful figure is very high. Perhaps the desire to demonstrate
their own beauty helps to ...

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Dancing around the Man
Tango masters Alberto Pas and Valorie Hart first discussed
this important concept in 1998: the man dances around the floor and the woman
dances around the man. But many students today still don't know what that means. Simply put, it mean in his duty to foll...

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For Milongueras
Being a milonguera is a high call - only the best tangueras deserve
that title. A milonguera is not an exhibitionist but a social dancer. She dances
not to impress others, but for her partner's enjoyment and her own pleasure. Her
skill is so superb that she...

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My Two Cents on Music Selections
Music plays a crucial role in the milonga. Of all the
elements that make a successful milonga, music is among the most important. Good
music connects and motives the dancers, lifts their spirit, stirs up their
emotions, synchronize their movements, and igni...

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Tango and Equality
Tango is created by people living at the bottom of the society.
Their prints still remain in the dance. The original tango is a lowbrow dance.
It is raw, simple, sensual, soul-searching and comforting, touching the heart
of one's humanity. Dancing that tang...

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Tango and Family Values
I raise chickens in my backyard. In cold winter days like now, they tango and huddle together to keep themselves warm. Individualism is a luxury chickens couldn't afford. They have to rely on each other for survival, just like early human beings. Sometimes ...

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The Lessons of Tango
Having a broad vision, or being trivial, the results are
different. Seeing things from the vantage point of the whole, or seeing
things from the perspective of the individual, the results are different. Focusing on what's in common, or focusing on the diffe...

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Meeting in the Middle
For some people, life is good. For others, it is not. We
live in our own realities. But the fact is, as Guy de Maupassant wrote in his
1883 novel A Woman's Life , "Life
is never as good or as bad as one thinks." "I think, therefore I am." ( Discourse on the...

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Tango and Individualism
We all assume
certain roles in life. Husband and wife, father and mother, president and vice
president, center forward and linebacker, leader and follower, etc., are all
different roles. One must act in compliance with one's role in order to live and
work t...
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