Here you can see my new bot:
some details: Ultrasonic mounted on a servo, front and back infrared sensors, at the bottom theres an optical mouse, on the front wheels there rotary encoders.
L298N Motordriverboard and bluetooth chip.
the brain of the bot will be the raspberry pi, he has to do all calculations, mapbuidling and so on.
the arduino at back will read the sensors and drive the motors. he will send messuremant data to the pi using usb cable and serial connection.
the bot shall drive autonomously also as driven via smartphone orientation sensor, which is connected via bluetooth using the amarino2 app.
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+Georg T That's sounds about right. If you ever get a chance to post a tutorial, let me know!
So ingenious!! Love it!! The Pi never ceases to amaze me!
Great! i also wanted the same combination: pi and arduino!
I'd love to see a parts list for this project. Nice work!
Good job, very nice project, consider adding webcam and some web control, i albo recommend cheap 30000mAh chineese powerbank, i recently added it to my rpi timelapse rig it lasts for ~20 hours on full load 
Very nice, I like it! 
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