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Helping you to find the RIGHT VEHICLE with the RIGHT HISTORY at the RIGHT PRICE
Helping you to find the RIGHT VEHICLE with the RIGHT HISTORY at the RIGHT PRICE

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What is a Car Check?

Experts recommend a history car check before you buy any used car, but what is a MyVehicle history check and is it really worth it?

Every single day there are people in Ireland unknowingly buying used cars that have either been previously written off, previously damaged, stolen, clocked or under finance!

In most cases, everything initially seems fine with these vehicles and the new owner takes pride in driving their new purchase. It’s normally only several months down the road when the car starts making a strange noise and then they bring it to their local service garage. They’re informed that the vehicle has been repaired to what looks like extensive previous damage or that the current mileage on the vehicle does not tally with the wear and tear of certain parts.

lemon car

With either of these scenarios there is a major safety aspect to consider. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in this situation, we would recommend that you have the vehicle inspected by a qualified vehicle assessor in order to ensure that the repairs have been carried out to industry standards or that the certain important parts in the vehicle have been changed, such as the timing belt.

If you think that either of these situations are bad, try having the vehicle that you purchased with your hard earned cash being repossessed by a bank or insurance company due to outstanding finance being owed or the vehicle being stolen!

At MyVehicle we speak to people on a daily basis that have been the victim of a used car purchase nightmare and wherever you go in the Ireland you’re never far from a horror story, which is why experts strongly recommend that anybody buying a used car, purchase a car history check from in order to try and limit the potential risk.promise

MyVehicle spend a great deal of time working with Special Investigation Units across various industry sectors in order to counter the scam of cars being refinanced and sold on by unscrupulous owners, and spend countless hours identifying vehicles that have been clocked or previously damaged.

To avoid these potential pitfalls we have highlighted below our main vehicle data checklist:

MyVehicle history check checklist

✔ Outstanding finance – have all the debts against the car, or debts in which the car was used as security, been paid off? If not, it still belongs to a finance company.
✔ Write-offs – has the car previously been categorised as an A, B, C or D write-off by an insurer.
✔ Mileage – is the mileage legitimate? MyVehicle parent company Vehicle Management System (VMS) own and operate an extensive mileage database for both Irish and UK vehicle registrations that currently holds 100+ million odometer readings.
✔ Previous owners – MyVehicle will tell you how many previous owners a car has, the exact date each ownership changchecklisted hands, the length of time and the owner type Private, Garage, Company).
✔ Vehicle ID Numbers – allows you to verify the correct vital ID numbers associated to each specific vehicle such as the vehicle’s Chassis Number, Engine Number and the Vehicles Licensing Certificate (VLC).
✔ Scrapped vehicles – as with Cat A and B insurance write-offs, you don’t want a car that shouldn’t even be on the road.
✔ Damaged vehicles – has the vehicle ever undergone serious damage repair?
✔ Imported vehicles – some imported vehicles and cars built for foreign markets can be harder to insure or repair
✔ Previous taxi – was the vehicle ever previously registered as a Taxi or Hackney?
✔ NCT status – is that NCT certificate you’ve been shown genuine?
✔ Road tax – costs and renewal history.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been a victim of a car scam or an unsuspected buyer of a previously written off, damaged or clocked car, contact MyVehicle for advice on what your options are.

10 ways to reduce your car insurance premium

Insurance Premium Top Tips

Finding affordable car insurance is becoming an increasingly difficult task. With so many different car insurance companies and brokers online your options are now more plentiful, however the loops to qualify for the insurance are becoming more difficult to jump through. The tips below should help you navigate your way through the market finding the best premium available.


Sports cars, modified cars and vehicles with high engine cc or a high brake horse power (BHP) are classed as high risk vehicles and this will be reflected in the premium. So before you purchase a vehicle, ensure that you get a quotation from your insurance company.

2.Value your vehicle correctly

Valuing your vehicle for more than its worth, is pointless and will only add to increasing your premium. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is written off by your insurance company, you will only be paid out a fair market valuation of what your vehicle was worth at the time of write off.

My Vehicle Valuation
Vehicle Management System (VMS) who is the parent company of currently provide the majority of Insurance companies throughout Ireland, a fully auditable fair market valuation, which is avaialble to the general public at

3.Additional Policies and Discounts

If you have a home insurance policy with the same company, you may be entitled to discount off your car insurance.


If you are in a position to add a driver to your policy that has more recorded driving experience, this may assist in reducing the risk and potentially lower your premium.

5.Increase your excess

If you have not been involved in an accident or claim for a number of years, you may be able to opt for an increased excess charge in order to reduce your overall premium.
An excess is the amount of money that you must pay upfront if you submit a claim.


Some insurance companies offer special discounts for safe driver or advanced driver schemes. These can include committing to taking a package of driving lessons, driving courses, driver monitoring and low vehicle usage (less than 5,000 km per year).


A full license with no penalty points will assist in reducing your premium.


If you have access to a garage to park your car in at night, mention this to your insurance company, as there may be an additional discount due to this.

9.Breakdown service

The majority of car insurance policies tend to include a breakdown service. If your vehicle is brand new, it is more than likely that the vehicle will include a 12 month breakdown service by the manufacturer, so request that this is removed from your premium.Break Down Membership
It is always advised that you have some form of breakdown cover or assistance, so check with vehicle manufacturer, insurance company or 12 Month Breakdown Membership assistance.

10.Comprehensive or Third Party

When insuring your vehicle, it is worth taking some time to consider whether a comprehensive or third party policy is for you.
Normally if the vehicle is relatively old (not a classic car) and not overly expensive, it may be worth considering opting for a third party policy in order to reduce your premium.

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Listen to the podcast with managing director of Justin Kavanagh taking about the value of cars today

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Check out the latest article regarding our study of UK imports !!

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Are you interested in buying a used car? Watch our new video now! It details the reasons why you should purchase a history check, full check, valuation or UK history check before buying a used car.

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4 in every 10 written-off Irish vehicles back on the road,
1 in every 5 Irish vehicles clocked,
Increase in Irish vehicles being stolen & cloned,
Increase in fake NCT certificates.

Every vehicle has a past, check if it has a future!
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