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So..what's everyone think?

I'm not sure what I'd do with 960FPS slow-motion video. Cute dog videos I guess. :p

I've always liked Sony's design language; that was a big part of why I got the Z1S and also a part of why it's still proudly displayed on my bookshelf :p

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Some thoughts on the Sony Hear.go SRS-HG1 portable speaker.

-Options. It has a TON. Native Google Cast, DLNA, and BT; it also has a 3.5mm in and a micro-usb port, which I think could be used with an external sound card if one was so inclined.

-It sounds pretty good for its size. I don't have very good hearing so I might not be the best judge of this; I've included a ten-second clip. At any rate it's plenty loud and crisp.

-Supplementary battery power. I really like this. I take it out in the back yard when I'm throwing the ball for my #viciousdogs. It keeps us cultured. ;p Doesn't lose the wifi connection even through a wall, either.

Overall I like this. Whenever my mostly-obsolete Logitech airplay speakers kick the bucket I'd be happy with buying another pair of these to replace them.
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Even though I suspect these are actually pretty awesome, I still laughed :p

Hattip to +Edith Mc

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I'll just put it out there:

"Packages" like this and Sling and PS Vue are bullshit. They're an Internet'd version of the crappy-ass packages cable companies have been foisting on us since the 1980s.

The concept of cable cutting is that you pick and choose what you pay for, not "wow live TV over the Internet!"

They don't save you money (you're going to need either the 1TB or unlimited plan from Comcast to not see your bill being demolished monthly by overage charges, and decent bandwidth as well, especially with the industry moving to 4K sooner rather than later) and they don't offer you any flexibility. 

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Not too surprising, really.

The Pixels feel analogous to the Surface series to me...the difference being that Windows badly needed Surface and still does, while Chrome really did not need the Pixel. ChromeOS is a very KISS* philosophy, where keeping it simple is the biggest factor, and how ChromeOS works has mostly kept the devices themselves a line of simple, not terribly exciting, but decently competent devices that work for a majority of people. Google doesn't really need to show how to make a good Chromebook.

*Keep It Simple, Stupid

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I honestly stopped caring about Pocket when Pushbullet and now Join came along; if you're saving webpages to repeatedly reference, yeah, Pocket is great...but I don't really do that. I'd rather them be right there in the browser for me to read and then share or not; no real need for a central depository.

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Specifically the Xperia X. If you don't use your phone as a primary device it might be a fun project at least.

So...anyone got a recommendation for a good set of BT earbuds? My Moto S10HD just went under. 

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Test subjects! I need your input. What do you own out of this poll?
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