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CARE for Sandy
Cherished Albums Restoration Effort
Cherished Albums Restoration Effort


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SEPTEMBER 16TH CASTING CALL: Are you a mom &/or dad (current or to-be) who would like a free gift bag, free lunch and an opportunity to catch Montel Williams' new show, "Living Well With Montel" as a NYC studio audience member? Casting approached CARE. Space is limited but producers have let me know they'll make room for anyone from CARE's posse who would like to attend, though time is of the essence, so please GET IN TOUCH ASAP. How? Send your full name, email, phone number and whether you're a lady or a gent to careforsandy@ (at) com. If you'd like to attend with a friend or family member — step & repeat the former. I'll then forward your details to producers.

Interview with Montel about the show which debuts October 15th:…/m…/524d9008fe3444682700011c
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Curious. Has anyone ever taken a course on If so, what was your experience?
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Tune your TVs to +NY1 News "The Call" tomorrow night (Friday, November 7th) at 9:45pm (or a little earlier to be safe). +CARE for Sandy is thrilled to have been nominated "New Yorker(s) of the Week" and will be featured c/o a short pre-taped segment paired with a live sit down with guest host, +Maria Milito  (who also hails from +Q104.3

Special thanks go to the following awesome volunteers who rush restored images to fill beautiful albums & prints donated by Soho Photo Gallery and +Bestype Imaging. And of course we thank our two participating families: The Schneider family from Belle Harbor and The Joffe family from Long Beach, who invited Lee Lee and NY1's Reena Diamante into their homes for a few hours of story telling, hugs and surprises. 

Click the gif below to flip Sue Joffe's album.

Thanks everyone! 

John Lam (+Bestype Imaging; Tribeca)
+Mike Cullen  (Twitter guru + album wrangler extraordinaire)
+Soho Photo Gallery (Tribeca)

+Becky Dobson  (Virginia Beach, VA)
+Charles Conti   (Dix Hills, NY)
+David Kettrey (Lebanon, IN)
+Jessica Lau  (Queens, NY)
+Joseph "Joey" LaDuke   (New Boston, MI)
+John Nugent  (Bovina, NY)
+Kim Van Ausdal  (Los Angeles, CA)
+Reka Bodnar-Jones  (Flemington, NJ)

+Amy Crooks  (Rahdrum, ID)
+Bob Travis (Northville, MI) 
+Brenda Holzworth (Scottsdale, AZ)
+Garry Horley  (Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada) 
+J Thornhill  (Stoke Edith, England)
+Kate McKinney  (Wethersfield, CT)
+Kyan Parker (Massillon, OH)
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CARE for Sandy and survivors from alternate disasters have been featured in the story below. Mylio is a new Seattle-based company founded by world-wise photo/technology industry veterans, offering "photography software that will allow people to easily share their photos across all their devices, with extra editing & protection features built in." Be sure to watch the article's beautiful, accompanying video, too. (This serves as a good reminder to archive your heirloom images 'now', to avoid losses should the unthinkable ever occur.)
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Our twitter king Mike discovered this fabulous set o' summer time then n' now mugs.
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If you're in the NYC area TODAY looking for something to do, this collaged photo exhibition looks pretty fabulous and ends today. It makes CARE sad that thousands of vintage photographs have been sliced and diced. (wouldn't exactly call them 'found'), but the results are still gorgeous. The pieces are also enormous.



Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
TEL 212 929 2262 

10 AM - 6 PM
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Look what we discovered today. Please vote! It's easy. Click on the link and look for the vote button. (Must be brand new, as we're only 3 away from Top Dog.)

: )
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NEEDED: NY-located photo clean-up/ photo scan volunteer w' car

This post is for my NY volunteers. We're not accepting any new 2014 family photos for restoration due to the thousands still awaiting assistance,. At least until I feel like every existing family has received a generous number of restorations. But this waitlist registration memo from a granny who lives all around who lost everything to Sandy, really struck a chord. I'm hoping to find someone with a car who would be willing to drive to Oceanside, NY (on Long Island) to help hery. At minimum Id like to make sure she can start using  the trunk of her car again. More importantly, get those moldy photos out of those bags to inhibit further mold growth, get them aerated and dried and scanned. This might involve multiple trips depending on the condition of the photos.

UPDATE: have just learned the photos were placed in the garbage bags while still wet. Yikes. Might not be able to save them, but...Step one will involve no scanning. Simply damage-control + clean-up. The volunteer will need to have a large, clean, dry interior space (like a garage) with plenty of ventilation for placing the photos out to dry for assessment and future scanning. Which will likely mean that most city dwellers like myself won't have the necessary space. Mold is toxic and should not be inhaled. And anything that sewage has touched will stink like an outhouse, so you won't want the images anywhere near a living space.

I can loan the following: heavy-duty protective face masks, gloves, scanner, laptop (if needed), spray air dusters and a thumbnail drive .(Would require pick up in Park Slope, Brooklyn)

If willing, please send an email to careforsandy (at) gmail

Here is a portion of the woman's registration memo:

"I lost everything i owned in SSS. There was 4-5 ft water. There r very few family photos, saved if they were framed & high up-ie: on iano or furniture. All gone. Albums were on a bookcase, lower shelves, as were videos.All of my own childhood pics, poarents, dating back to the 1940's-50's, circa Bklyn, N.Y. Also all of my own childrenn  growing up in Oceanside, school, camps, vacations, etc. 
And a lot of my granchildren. But w granakids, most were on comp so I can get. Thousands in total gone. Were in the floods, moldy, oil & waste in water. I pulled outta water & put in garb bgs each w a damprid enclosed & have been in trunk of my car  a year & 1/2 now. Odor. ( I kept my car, since I vacated the nite b/4. I lived over 4 mos in a motel rm. If anything can be retored, salvaged, put on disk, I would be very grateful. I don't use trunk of my car. I'm very affected & upset & am in treatment...These 2 albums mean the world to me. My son & daughter r in their 40's now, & reside in other states. I live alone. I have received this info from the JCC, Oceanside,NY. A social worker there told me she got this info from the Camera Club there."

Hurricane Sandy - What Really Happened (Documentary)
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Those of you who have Twitter and Facebook get the word out. We're 2 images shy of reaching our first 1,000 (ONE THOUSAND!!!) restorations. And could easily meet that goal today, but will be holding back so as to not be over-shadowed by Valentine's Day. Consider sharing your favorite before/after images c/o or and maybe the press will latch on, to attract new volunteers so that we can continue to help hurricane Sandy families.

Thousands more are still in need of skilled attention.

Photoshop geniuses apply here:
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