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Jennifer Sullivan (JenStar)
Epping, NH Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star
Epping, NH Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star

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New Hampshire Wedding Photography - My Personal Choice

Have taken some beautiful wedding photos my favorite has  been at the Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle.  This grand victorian hotel was built in 1874 by Daniel Chase.  In 1995 is was to be torn down until it was saved and now restored into a beautiful Hotel. 

Photography by Jennifer Star - Epping NH
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What a great day with the Cub Scouts of Epping. Thank you for letting me be you volunteer photographer for the day.
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Raymond NH Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star
While not taking clients session photo's I enjoy spending time in nature taking beautiful images that it provides us. Most don't take time to see what little things are around us everyday. Little critters, mushrooms, the sun, the gift God has given us. On m...

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Why Photographers Charge So Much - Photography by Jennifer Star
Why do photographers charge so much?     There are reasons why they have session fees and charges for their products. Here is the breakdown.     1. Equipment :  They have camera(s), lenses, filters, bags, props, etc.  Just thing a good SLR camera cost over ...

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Lifestyle Photographer Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star
So you just hired a professional photographer, or you have some images you really want to print. You decide, hum I'll just take them down the street to the local pharmacy.....HOLD IT.   So why did you hire a photographer or have taken those images? You took...

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Photography by Jennifer Star - Lifestyle Photographer
Getting ready for winter. Since we had a lovely long weekend, our boys, I mean my husband and my son were busy stacking wood for the long winter ahead.  Our oldest did help out earlier as he is very helpful too. I hope New England will be kind to us this wi...

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LifeStyle Photographer Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star
Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.  Spending time with your family and or children capturing every...

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Volunteer Photographer - New Hampshire - Photography by Jennifer Star
Sometimes a little help, a little care is needed.  I offer at times volunteer work for those who may need a little something special.  If you have a little one sick and need special photo's to remember moments that soon maybe lost, a fundraiser to help with...

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Baby Photographer - Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star
One of my favorites are taking photo's of babies.  They just are the sweetest things.  Babies are wonderful to take photo's of because they are just so casual and they are just being themselves. When getting your photo's done I like my clients to act natura...
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