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David Chevalier
Helping people build lasting businesses.
Helping people build lasting businesses.

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Value Propositions

Don't forget to include why customers should buy from you over your competitors. It's often not motivating enough to simply talk about benefits.


Content over form in advertising

“Once upon a time I was riding on the top of a First Avenue bus, when I heard a mythical housewife say to another, "Molly, my dear, I would have bought that new brand of toilet soap if only they hadn't set the body copy in ten point Garamond." Don't you believe it. What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” - David Ogilvy

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How To Compete With Bigger Businesses

Learn how to compete with bigger businesses that have more money and employees than you do.

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If you think it’s daunting to compete with bigger businesses that have deeper pockets, cheaper offerings and more employees, you aren't alone. Many small businesses are underdogs in their markets and it would be foolish to downplay what they are up against.

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Find out what an honest small business can do to generate more positive Yelp reviews...
How To Get More And Better Yelp Reviews

Explore the standard advice and possibly the gray area. Whether or not Yelp ever gets their filter right, the ideas in this blog post can help your small business gain more positive Yelp reviews and customers.

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20 questions to ask when developing buyer personas

This post includes 20 questions that will help you learn from direct interviews with real buyers...
What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is an archetype or model that symbolizes a community of real buyers. Buyer personas are used by businesses to form representations of distinct buyer types, tribes or people within market segments who might buy their products and services.

Learn more:

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Introducing Bot and Spider Filtering

Many of you have shared with us that it’s hard to identify the real traffic that comes to your pages. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that we’re adding bot and spider filtering. 

You can simply select a new checkbox option which would be included in the view level of the management user interface. This option would be labeled "Exclude traffic from known bots and spiders". Selecting this option will exclude all hits that come from bots and spiders on the IAB know bots and spiders list. The backend will exclude hits matching the User Agents named in the list as though they were subject to a profile filter. This will allow you to identify the real number of visitors that are coming to your site. 

Nestlé has been testing it and has found great benefit:  

“The Bot filter solution is essential for getting deeper insights. View level availability let us stay fully aligned with Best Practices provided to all site owners. Very easy to use, understand and communicate across thousands of Google Analytics users.”
-  Katarzyna Malik, Nestlé Google Analytics Specialist

Happy Analyzing!

Posted by Matthew Anderson, Google Analytics Team

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Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

Good course offered by +Google Analytics and taught by +Justin Cutroni.


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Here are some practical strategies for reaching new prospects and customers on Facebook.
Different Approaches to Target New Customers with Facebook Ads

You've got lots of strategies at your disposal for generating business through Facebook. This post helps ensure you're using the right ones.

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This data speaks very strongly to switching to link ads over photo ads when you’re trying to drive return from Facebook.

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6 Reasons Facebook Power Editor Is Still Better Than Ads Manager

Are you using Power Editor? Power Editor is a versatile tool for managing and optimizing your Facebook ads.  

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