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Jill Filipovic's Weak Case Against Neil Gorsuch and Originalism
For some reason, absurd lightweight and "recovering attorney" Jill Filipovic has escaped my comment before, though I've noticed her typings previously; she came to my attention mostly because she thinks men accused of rape need not be accorded due process, ...

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The Frauds at PUPscan
I forgot to mention Carol Beuchat's excellent two-part series on PUPscan ( part 1 , part 2 ). Mostly, what they appear to be doing is taking the public's money and playing with an ultrasound imaging device. As Carol writes in her second piece, "A published,...

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Shelby Steele On The Exhaustion Of American Liberalism
One of the better writers on the subject of race, Shelby Steele, earned a great deal of notoriety with his The Content Of Our Character (1998). He returns today with an essay appearing in the Wall Street Journal on that same subject, "The Exhaustion of Amer...

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Laurie Penny's Spiteful, Censorious Take On Milo
As I hope I made clear Wednesday,  Milo Yiannopoulos has earned the social opprobrium that has resulted in rather severe commercial consequences for himself and his career, i.e. both appear extinct. Yet whenever I read anything by Laurie Penny and agree wit...

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Freddie deBoer Vanishes
I was greatly disturbed to see that Freddie deBoer has purged all his old tweets from Twitter (without, so far, eliminating the account) and has removed the entire contents of his blog . I am very much saddened by this. We disagreed deeply about many things...

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The End Of Milo Yiannopoulos
I probably shouldn't even bother with this one; Milo Yiannopoulos has finally supplied the rope for his own hanging , which in the end was unsurprising. It's unlikely I will get everything right about this story, filled as it is with lurid but stupid detail...

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Audi's Wage Gap Pratfall
I've treated the mythical "wage gap" multiple times before , but yesterday's Audi ad during the Superbowl was a sort of tour de force of unrepentant cant: Of course, with an organization as large as Audi, it's almost impossible to keep everyone within the o...

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The Apple Watch: Married In Haste, Repent At Leisure
I open this piece by noting I have had three other fitness trackers, all Fitbits: I started with the Flex , which was then at the price point and functionality the best available unit on the market. It suffered from horrible mechanical defects, particularly...

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Saturday Bullets
Hey, didja know that penises and vaginas are a social construct ? Fine is a sure guide to the science, building up complexity without
sacrificing clarity. By the time she’s finished, any lingering
confidence that hormones exert a simple dose-response infl...

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Jerry Coyne's War On Blank Slate-ism
Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, author of the terrific blog Why Evolution Is True (which I haven't previously linked to, but need to add to my sidebar posthaste) has gotten into a row about human sexual behavioral dimorphism with a post, " The Ideologic...
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