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     Since 1995 -at age 31- I have been recuperating from a fatal freeway collision in which I am the sole survivor; innocent sole-survivor of six I might add.

     As I have struggled to live partially paralyzed (incapacitated) over the past decade and a half, I have dedicated countless hours to physical, occupational, as well as speech therapies.  However, quite to the contrary this will no  longer be the case; now that I have the strength to once again conduct business, similar to the past, I plan to  help make the lives of the disabled a bit more comforting. Comfort and Accessibility is the business concept I have elected to develop to do just this.

    If you have any suggestions or contributions to pledge, please contact me to make further arrangements. 
Thank you for your sincere consideration!


         Ronald Gasca
         Comfort and Accessibility
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