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Nella ClearTonic
Managing Partner at MTA Solicitors LLP
Managing Partner at MTA Solicitors LLP

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Please could someone assist.

We have changed the business address on our Google+ profile, however it hasn't updated on Google maps and the right hand column which appears on Google when the business is searched has now disappeared. The new address only appears on the google+ profile 

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Got a job interview? This is what you should know!
Before going into any interview it is crucial that you research the company you are applying for a job with. Job interviews can often be misconstrued and not seen as a two-way street. However, interviews are not just for the employer, it is also a great way...

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The importance of a cover letter
There is a common discrepancy in whether a cover letter is essential or in fact necessary when applying for a job. Cover letters are however the perfect opportunity to tell your story as an addition to your resume. A cover letter although, should not duplic...

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Social Media and your Job Search
Despite the on-going debate on whether social media actually hinders or aids your job search, statistics have shown that 73% of 18 to 34 year olds, found their last job through a social network. In addition, another report revealed that 89% of employers agr...

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Got a 2nd interview? How to prepare with Taylor Green Recruitment.
So you have completed your first interview and you have been invited back for a second interview. A second interview is usually the last and final stage of the job offer process. So there is now potentially a 50/50 chance of getting the position. However be...

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6 ways to avoid job search failure
Searching for your first job or even a new job can be a nightmare, filled with stress, rejection and frustration. However, there are 6 things you can do in order to prevent your job search from going wrong. Many job seekers are quick to blame the current jo...

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