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Responses to this are quite interesting :)
Here is a snippet:

John Butler 1 day ago
Agree, but if I subscribe to the idea that NPS is junk, then what do I use to measure customer satisfaction/loyalty?

The Customer Centrist 1 day ago
Maybe nothing - If you knew your customer's needs and successful outcomes well enough, maybe you could measure the delivery of success IN the experience rather than asking for subjective opinion of a few self selecting people AFTER the experience - what do you think?

What is you opinion, is NPS debunked? Or the best thing since...

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NPS damned...
One of the leading customer-centric gurus is sounding off about the viability of NPS  as an effective measure in this interesting youtube snippet:  The Customer Centrist - Episode 1: James Dodkins NPS

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Customer Experience - How to have your cake and eat it...
Share Share Customer Experience - How to have your cake and eat it... Steve Towers, CEO, CPPC and ACXC CEO BPG > Academy of Customer Experience Board > C-Level Advisor > BPM Author & Keynote > OPEX Judge > Customer Obsessed Astute CEO’s (think Jeff Bezos - ...

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Block Buster Update this week…
Fantastic Testimonial | NEW Webinar | Events Heads Up | New Articles ** Setting up the CX Management Office – NEW Webinar now ** The How to with guidelines and template to create the successful Customer Experience Management Office

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Don’t give the Customers choices? How to easily Provide the best Customer Experience.
The smartest companies don’t give you much choice. They don’t ask you what you want, they know what you need and that simplicity, as it turns out keeps costs down, boosts service and grows revenue. This counter intuitive approach to customer experience is, ...

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The five crucial things successful CX companies do every day
> Most successful CX companies do these things to lift their game > Steve Towers shares the winning strategies > Model your own strategy based on leading CX next practices This article is a build on terrific feedback from my recent piece ‘5 Critical Failure...

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The 5 Critical Failures of 80% of Customer Experience initiatives
"We have got to get more scientific about the Customer Experience." Strategic positioning of customer experience is now widely recognized as a key to business success. However, the majority of many well-intended CX initiatives is to become a victim of the o...

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Why it is time for the Outside-In Education System Revolution
Is the education system letting your kids down? Are the young folks joining us in the workplace equipped for the Digital Customer Age? Do you suspect 'education' is broken? Watch this amazing video that puts education on trial... thanks to Tanguy Petre, CPP...

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3 Secret (Top Team) Reasons why we have to get more scientific about the Customer Experience.
Complexity is an insidious thing. Humans seem unable to keep things simple and will add rules, reporting lines, and complications seemingly for the fun of it. And process people take it to a whole new level. Why is that so? There is a simple answer, but man...

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The Customer Feedback CONSPIRACY
Of course, you are asking for customer feedback. Yes?   Opps, sorry, that is one of the dumbest things you can do.  Don't take my word for it - watch this amusing video with James Dodkins keynoting at the recent Lean Six Sigma conference in Iceland. Catch J...
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