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KP함경 북도
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Von Hobe
reviewed 2 weeks ago
I must admit, when I first went to North Korea, I had a bit of culture shock. Now, thanks to Hwasong Gulag's impeccable human relations, I learned that nothing dissolves cultural tensions better than working in a chain gang while being whipped by a Korean People's Army member! The food was cooked by minimalist chef Sgt. Park In-Mapussi, and our meals consisted of the greatest corn gruel and water soup ever. I slept like a baby on the concrete beds! No wonder Pearl Jam sang about sleeping on concrete! Speaking of that, the music that was played in the camp was very tasteful. Who could resist singing along to such hits as "The Dear Leader is Watching Us," "The Americans Are Degenerate Scumbuckets," and of course, "Korea is One, Korea is Communist." All of the Juche ideology I learned in the mandatory reeducation classes were much better than any petty Government class back stateside. All in all, this camp was a blast. Long live Kim Il-Sung, Eternal President of Korea and Heaven and Father of Songun Policy and Juche Ideals! Korea is One!
• • •
Jason Jones's profile photo
Jason Jones
reviewed 3 months ago
My experience here was palatable. One of the best gulags in the area. They took care of me, wined and dined me well; and as a bonus, got rid of those pesky political dissidents I took with me. Within a few short hours they helped them learn the errors of their ways and quieted down so us normal people could enjoy our steak and Kim-Chi.
Faice Gaherc
reviewed 5 months ago
Not as good as Gulag 16 checkpoint. The quality of the gruel here was worse, which bumped my review from a two-star to a three-star. The stay is comparable to a Hilton, but with starving people. Some suggestions for renovations: don't let the dying people moan, it's very annoying; more re-education classes; and a new toilet facility in hut 14.
seymour Butts
reviewed 3 weeks ago
I have to admit that when I first arrived in North Korea I was disappointed. As an enthusiastic lover of BDSM I have visited some of the kinkiest nations on Earth. I was looking forward to seeing the wild side of Pyongyang. What i found was a disappointment. It was all "Supreme Leader" this, and "double rainbow" that. Boring! Finally I came across one of the many statues of Kim Jong un near the heart of the city. After all the nuclear threats aimed at the west, and all the tall tales I had been hearing, I was expecting to see an imposing figure. Instead, what a saw was a fat pile of shit on stubby legs! I loudly let my opinion of the statue be known to everyone on the street. Two North Korean soldiers heard me, then my trip started to get interesting! One of the soldiers restrained me while another put a black bag over my head. I was then thrown into a black van. After a quick show trail I was off to North Korea's exclusive Hwasong Concentration Camp! I have to say, I have been very pleased with my stay here! This place sure beats any phony "bondage dungeon" I have been too back in the states! I knew I was in for a treat when I first arrived in camp and was made to lick the dirt off one of the guards boots as a loaded weapon was held to my head. Do you know how much a phony "dominatrix" would charge for that back home? And she wouldn't have had a loaded weapon! Now think about it, I was getting this kind of first class treatment, and more, FOR FREE at Hwasong Concentration Camp! This place really redefines the term "hard labor"! That's not all, all the food is free at "old number 16" (that's what me and the boys nicknamed Hwasong). The gruel is to die for - literally! This isn't one of those other resorts where they try to keep you distracted with lots of food and drink because there is nothing else to do. Here at Hwasong Concentration Camp portion sizes are tightly controlled so you can enjoy everything else the camp has to offer! You haven't lived till you have dug out a latrine in the rain, or enjoyed their mandatory reeducation classes. One time I was a little to slow in praising the "Supreme Leader" in reeducation class. The result was being stripped naked, having my writs tied over my head, and having a car battery wired to my testicles! And to think, at other resorts all they offer for a wake up call is coffee! This place sure knows how to keep you on your toes! But don't think this place is only about shock treatments...oh no! There's more! Before camp I was kind of a loner, but now I have lots of friends! That's thanks to "old number 16"! Nothing helps introduce you to new people like being chained to them in a work gang! But that's nothing compared to how willing the guards are to let you get to know them. In fact, I was barely in camp before one of the guards put a gun to my head and took me into the empty threshing house. Things got intimate very quickly! The place was rocking so hard a painting of Kim Il-sung fell off the wall! I bet the "Eternal President" had never seen anything like that before! (or has he?) To make a long story short, many dictators (or "Supreme Leaders") are willing to rule with an iron fist, but here in North Korea the average man on the street gets bent over and introduced to the iron fist in a way that few other countries have the stomach for. Now that's what I call kinky! What else could a fetishest like me hope for? The bottom line is Hwasong is the gulag to go too in North Korea! Uh oh... looks like the guards have caught me communicating with the outside world. I don't know what's coming next but I hope it involves whips, chains, and nipple clamps!
• • •
Richard Park's profile photo
Richard Park
reviewed 3 months ago
Ah yes, the Hwasong Gulag in North Korea was an exciting experience for me. The North Koreans constantly whipped me, gave me very little gruel, and got a lot of the hatred I had for the Glorious Democratic People's Republic. I like Yodok better though because they did better torture there.
Troy von Epic's profile photo
Troy von Epic
reviewed 5 months ago
I was very impressed at the efficiency and courtesy with which the staff at the Hwasong Gulag handled my political dissidents and who I can only assume were rivals within my benevolent dictatorship.