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Hwasong Gulag
North Hamgyong Nordkorea
KPNorth Hamgyong
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J Bergie
vor 4 Monaten
I had the best time here. The food was FANTASTIC and I loved the way the guards sadistically pointed their large guns at me while I ate.
Profilbild von Timothy Alcid
Timothy Alcid
vor 8 Monaten
Best Gulag Ever! The people there didn't understand me, gave very little food, and gave 18 hours of backbreaking labor everyday! Best of all, it's all free!
David Camarena
vor 6 Monaten
Food and accommodations were exceptional. The service was great, guards would greet me at my cell every morning. I lost 76 pounds in just 2 months.
Profilbild von Jason Jones
Jason Jones
vor einem Jahr
My experience here was palatable. One of the best gulags in the area. They took care of me, wined and dined me well; and as a bonus, got rid of those pesky political dissidents I took with me. Within a few short hours they helped them learn the errors of their ways and quieted down so us normal people could enjoy our steak and Kim-Chi.
Thomas Maier
vor 2 Monaten
The gastronomy was terrible, only one small breakfast! I thought it was all-inclusive!
Sahil Chaudhary
vor 8 Monaten
Food and service was great but there was no wi-fi.
Deb Godfrey
vor 3 Monaten
Not the best experience. I pray that the New Year will "wake up folks" around the world...people are being shot and killed for anything. This place is just as worse, or more than the Nazi camps.
Sam Schoening
vor 2 Monaten
My stay was all expenses paid with accomadations comparable to a super 8