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Guaranteed to rewire your brains in 5 minutes flat.
Guaranteed to rewire your brains in 5 minutes flat.

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#maxlinklengthxdays Malta-Kenya 4620km link over 53 days for 245,903km-days, ADAed myself to make way for 3.9billion MU Afrigreen op. Go Enlightened!
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Any max link length x days records?

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#ingress #FateOfThe13 Baptism of Fire for the Maltese Enlightened handling three shards: #13 (scored by the Enlightened in Dubai), #25 (scored by the Enlightened in Dubai), #51 (scored by the Enlightened in Australia). I moved the three shards across 11892.7km in total!

I must not forget to thank my agents @CMallia @Mummymallia @Shadowwing060602 @Valdalf and the support given by @Cisk together with my fellow Mediterranean ops @Intensify @silentwandererr @b4b4u and +Joanna E

#GlobalShard #Shard13 #Shard25 #Shard51

wonders how many of the double sojourner are couch portals... #lostsojournertoillness #sourgrapes #neveraslaveagain #ingress

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@LilPharaoh captures the last septicycle for 2016 on Alexandria for the Enlightened... here's the story

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+Ingress +Ingress Reporter +Ingress Enlightened +Hisham Najeeb

Free ?
crossed fingers
Please tell me you're not busy..."

Thus begins Operation TheBreach, with a call from @LilPharaoh in Egypt to @SonOfTyre in Malta on Monday 2nd January 2017.

After months of Resistance domination in Alexandria, Egypt, the path was now free between the two Enlightened factions in the two countries:
the great Egypt in the south-east corner of the Mediterranean, and the miniscule Malta placed strategically in its center - both parties to an earlier op in April 2016 - EyeOfOsiris.

@LilPharaoh was on his way to Alexandria, and he wanted to see if he could take the opportunity of the visit to co-operate with Malta and lay some fields over the region of Alexandria, and break the
resistance spell that has reigned over the region for the past two years. @SonOfTyre from Malta could link to central Egypt and serve as a base for multiple fields that @LilPharaoh could make from
the north of the region linking to both Malta and central Egypt. The common portals were identified and a target was set: the last septicycle of 2016: 11pm local time on 5th January 2017.

Thankfully only two blockers were in the way: one decayed on its own by Wednesday while the other required a flip by @LilPharaoh. As soon as the flip was done, @SonOfTyre was to link across from Malta before
the Resistance were able to take the opportunity of the missing blocker and throw their own. This was planned for Wednesday, but car trouble for @LilPharaoh had it postponed.

Thursday 5th, Op day, dawned and @SonOfTyre was asking for instructions. The reply came while he was driving and he missed it. It said that @LilPharaoh was on his way to the portal to be flipped. Seeing it
almost an hour late, @SonOfTyre was back home, and on chauffeur duty for the family. So he asked @LilPharaoh for an hour. He gave him 45 minutes. @SonOfTyre delivered the family to the dentist and ran off to
the portal, driving through pot holes and unsurfaced roads to reach the target, with 10 minutes to spare. He signalled @LilPharaoh who flipped the portal and destroyed the blocker. @SonOfTyre threw the link
but it disappered. After reporting link established, the link would disappear. Nothing on Intel. He tried again. No luck. Both keys disappeared from the inventory but no link on Intel. He forced sync his
scanner and the two keys returned. He tried again. Twice.Nothing. Turned off his GPS and back on again. No luck. He tested his connection and system by linking to a local portal, and that succeeded. But not
towards Egypt. He took off to another portal about 2km away and tried to link to the same portal - with the same problem. Meanwhile @LilPharaoh was panicking in Egypt. THROW. THAT. BLOCKER. N.O.W.

@SonOfTyre asked his friends on TG for support, and suggestions were forthcoming. Meanwhile he returned to the original portal where he managed to try again to throw the link while being shooed away by
the security as the place was closing. No luck. He let @LilPharaoh know. His fields for the day were cancelled, or at least postponed.

@LilPharaoh "Or am I supposed to try the central egypt agent to link to Malta?"
@SonOfTyre "That's another option"
@LilPharaoh "Wish me good luck"

And lucky he was... the link was up within the hour - and the resistance had not brought up any blockers.

Later that evening...

9:30pm @LilPharaoh met with his two fellow agents @ElMoNz and @Roudaynash and started fielding 32 minutes before end of septicycle. They had seven fields in mind, that's seven portals in a line. Three were close to each other but the next three were further up, taking them a full 30 minutes fielding the last one at 10:59 - getting in six fields by end of cycle. The seventh one was the work of @AGENT47MO who fielded
at 11:51, for a total mind unit count of 35,352,499.

Total Layers: 7

Total MU: 35,352,499

@LilPharaoh(Egypt) for masterminding the whole op
@SonOfTyre(Malta) for logistical support and failed links
@gego22(Egypt) for Central Egypt - Malta link
@ElMoNz, @Roudaynash for supporting the final fielding ops
@AGENT47MO for the final field

18:39 Failed link from Malta!!!
Successful link from Egypt!
10:33pm First field
10:40pm Second field
10:43pm Third field
10:44pm ..with Jet Link
Animation of 7 layers
Final result
Where is Alexandria?!?

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What's your opinion on the Assassin's Creed movie? Participate in my PhD research on Games and Storytelling by completing my questionnaire. Thank you!

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#INGRESS Operation BlueFin Tuna Safari for #ingressreport

It's Saturday 24th December. Christmas Eve. Holidays. Many lazing in bed. Others checking their list of gifts left to buy. Not @Giggipi. 8:00 and he's already a few km outside the Maltese coast. Not fishing for some measly small fish but checking the quality of 500kg BlueFin tuna in the Maltese fish farms destined for the Asian market. Back on the island he makes his way to a green portal he had flipped and cleared the mods in preparation for the upcoming Operation....

Meanwhile the Maltese team is taking care of the local blockers. Team Mallia (@CMallia, @mummymallia, and @ShadowWing) flip two blocking anchor portals and level up the OP anchor portal with 3 l8 res and two sbuls, while @SonOfTyre brings up the well cherished key to Lagos and fills up the remaining l8 resonator and AXAs.

But all this is preceded by the work of Chinese agents @Laoguoguo (who is the brain behind the OP bringing in all the other agents), @Nancyjun, @weicg, @feitanyue,and @matureplum. On the day they brought down two Res portals, ressed them up and increased their range with the necessary mods (lots of SBULs) with the first portal being in Nakuru National Park.

Meanwhile, @Klauspino joins us on intel to confirm links and capture the action.

As the time approaches, the Maltese agents land in Marsaxlokk with their families, having a healthy lunch while waiting for the op time. Mallias have already flipped the first portal and head for the second portal after lunch. @SonOfTyre waits patiently, not wanting to give away his presence and raising suspicion. @Giggipi arrives on the spot at 2:10pm CET and is shortly joined by @SonOfTyre who levels up the last L8 resonator and throws a couple of AXAs and gives @Giggipi the key to Nigeria, and the honor to complete the first field.

Back in Kenya,@Laoguoguo keeps the agents up to date with a 10 minute delay and then throws the links to Lagos and Malta at 14:46, which, upon confirmation via intel from @Klauspino, gives @Giggipi the first 127MMU field 14 minutes from CP.

Back in Kenya, @Laoguoguo and his four agents @Nancyjun, @feitianyue, @matureplum, and @weicg get driven by their drivers Lincoln and Daniel to the next two portals where they field another two layers before 3pm CP.

Once the church bells of Marsaxlokk ring 3pm, the champagne runs freely in celebration!

AGENTS: @Laoguoguo,@Nancyjun, @feitianyue, @matureplum, @weicg (KENYA), @Giggipi (ITALY), @SonOfTyre, @CMallia, @mummymallia, @ShadowWing (MALTA)

Special thanks to @davydd for Eko Hotel keys

Layers: 3X 127.66MMU = 380+MMU

1) @Giggipi at work in Malta
2) @Laoguoguo at work in Kenya
3) Marsaxlokk, Malta, third anchor for the field.
4) @Laoguoguo in Kenya portal
5) @SonOfTyre and @Giggipi in Malta's portal
6) 3 layers for 380MMU
7) Largest field worldwide at the time

+Ingress +John Hanke +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller
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“Sentitevi fieri e fateci il sitrep! (Una volta sfottevamo i puffi perché facevano il sit rep anche per 1 mu)”
Ma visto che siamo studiati in matematica e sappiamo che 27M>>1 ce ne sbattiamo e il SitRep lo facciamo lo stesso.

#BucoDiCulo   #Ingress   #SitRep  

--- English Below -

Questa OP nasce a inizio Giugno con un messaggio di +Andrea Campo 
AW: “:wave: hai chiavi di Marettimo?”
DJ: “No”
AW: “Ah OK”
E l’OP poteva anche naufragare qui ma per fortuna l’IFS di Rimini era alle porte, e +Gianluca di Fonzo  non butta MAI via una chiave:
DJ: “Me le procuro”
Seguono le prime bozze, cercando di ridurre all’osso il numero di agenti necessari, perché è estate e le persone vanno in ferie e non è che possiamo rompere le balle alla gente.
Il vertice catanzarese si sposta quindi dalla costa Ovest a quella Est (“Ma cz nn è mai stata una roccaforte enl”), si scelgono tra i vertici di Marettimo quelli meglio allineati e si inizia a disegnare con le chiavi a disposizione. Il tutto dura un paio d’ore, quindi viene dimenticato per un mese da entrambi, finché per i due non si avvicinano le ferie ed il ritorno a casa.
DJ (20/07): “Ohi, comincia a chiedere un po’ in giro le disponibilità, con discrezione”
E infatti, ecco una chat con 20 persone coattamente dentro. GGWP.
Il più è fatto, manca solo il nome, e qui dobbiamo ringraziare colei che più di tutti ha contribuito al successo dell’operazione, dandole un nome accattivante e trendy. Nasce così OP: BdC (Buco di Culo)
Si inizia quindi a discutere del progetto con tutti quelli coinvolti, si cambiano i vertici, si scambiano le key e dopo un paio di ovvi rinvii il tutto si fissa per il 20/08, CP delle 20.00.
Si arriva al giorno della OP, dalla mattina +Vittorio Vezio inizia le pulizie, e qui l’occhio (cit. +Antonella Boragina) interviene:
Alle 17:00 io sono ancora a Cirò (grazie +Ferrovie.Info) , e nel frattempo 2 link fatti da un ignaro turista mettono a repentaglio l’OP, insieme a un mini link non visto tra Siderno e Roccella Jonica.
Si opta per un ultimo (fortunatamente) rinvio, al 21/08, CP delle 16:00. La mattina il link in terra calabra è facilmente rimosso, mentre +Francesco Marino  prontamente sbarra per tenere pulita la strada e +massimo sdanganelli e +andrea lezoche terminano le pulizie a Lamezia.
Nel frattempo a San Vito impazza la ricerca di qualcuno che possa pulire i link tirati dal turista, con +Marcello Palmeri che credo si sia fatto odiare da mezza Sicilia Ovest. Fatto sta che alle 13:28 ancora non si è trovato nessuno.
E, proprio mentre stiamo per gettare la spugna, +Pier monkeyrock  fa l’intervento che salva l’OP:
“2 ore fa c'era un illuminato a San vito”
+Malefica Bi!!!!! E dove c’è la bionda c’è anche…. +Fabrizio Mazzucchelli!!!!
E così, dal NWE con furore, a più di 1000 km da casa sua, +Fabrizio Mazzucchelli si trova al posto giusto al momento giusto.
Buttato dentro la chat, si parte!
All'ordine del Lead Operator +Marco Simonelli le pulizie partono perfettamente sincronizzate e uno dopo l’altro +Samuele Albano, +Fabrizio Mazzucchelli, +Gianfra Battista e +Francesco Marino rimuovono gli ultimi ostacoli mentre +Pietro Iaquinta accende Collegiata e tira la base. Uno dopo l'altro i primi 6 layers vengono tirati su da +Cedric Mallia e la sua squadra, sotto la supervisione di +Jonathan Barbara. Nel frattempo io mi arrampico a Papanice a rimuovere il blocker per gli strati più esterni dell’OP, che semafori a parte fila tutta liscia: Altri 3 strati chiusi in solitaria da Crotone, senza incontrare resistenza (o altri esseri viventi).

Di seguito la solita sfilza di ringraziamenti, menzioni e hashtag.
+Andrea Campo Per l’idea e il supporto
+Jonathan Barbara, +Cedric Mallia e tutti gli illuminati maltesi per aver reso possibile questa prima prova di cooperazione tra le nostre community
+AFROLuca INHERITRANCE e +Michele Ciacci per aver recuperato e custodito per me le chiavi Maltesi
+Gianfra Battista, +Marcello Palmeri e +Francesco Marino per aver gestito al meglio le loro zone
+andrea lezoche, +massimo sdanganelli e +Vittorio Vezio per aver portato del blu a Lamezia, anche se in forma di ADA, e +Pier monkeyrock per averli coordinati
+A Detection Algorithm beh, perché senza ADA facevamo veramente una sega, fate conto che col field su il punteggio in cella è calato a furia di adare field :(
+Mvega Carmicle per aver affrontato stoicamente la malattia per ripulire Bivongi
+Marco Simonelli per averci (sopratutto AVERMI) guidato
+Malefica Bi per aver fatto quel log rivelatorio a San Vito e +Fabrizio Mazzucchelli per aver interrotto momentaneamente la sua vacanza per darci una mano in extremis
+Samuele Albano per aver interrotto la quest a LOL, WOW o salcazzo stava giocando
+Alberto Marullo per gli screenshot, la gif, il copy-paste dei field dalla Intel e la simpatia (?)
+Fabio Calabrese, +Domenico Lagana e +Daniele Monaco per il supporto e la disponibilità a pulire qualora ce ne fosse stato bisogno
+Teresa Carvelli, +Davide Brutti e +Antonella Boragina boh per il supporto morale, credo (?)
+Giuseppe Frenk per aver inconsapevolmente risparmiato un Ada a fxc, proprio nel suo ultimo giorno da puffo!
+Enlightened Labs per il supporto quotidiano alla fazione e per aver permesso l'incontro delle teste da cui è nato tutto ciò.
Una menzione a parte per +Pietro Iaquinta  che non solo ha difeso come di consueto la sua Collegiata, ma quando per un errore non ha potuto chiudere lo strato a lui dedicato ha dato una grande prova di sportività e di dedizione per la fazione, commentando con un semplice “L’importante è che si è chiusa l’OP”.

Beh, direi che il report può finire qui.
Addio, e grazie per tutto il pesce!

P.S. per finire, circa i 3/4 di Malta sono stati messi sotto field verde da +Jonathan Barbara e +Cedric Mallia !!! :D :D
ENG Version
This OP sees the light at the beginning of June, when
+Andrea Campo asked for some Marettimo's keys. And thanks to +Gianluca di Fonzo I was able to fulfill his request. A couple of months of planning and 20 agents for a 27M MU multilayer over Sicily and Calabria!

15:16 <ShadowWing0602> linked Invest in Environment to Ufficio Postale Marettimo
15:16 <ShadowWing0602> created a Control Field @Invest in Environment +2926943 MUs
15:23 <ShadowWing0602> linked Fort Park to Collegiata S.Maria Assunta
15:23 <ShadowWing0602> created a Control Field @Fort Park +2932141 MUs
15:30 <CMallia> created a Control Field @Zonqor Farmhouse +2945713 MUs
15:30 <CMallia> linked Zonqor Farmhouse to Collegiata S.Maria Assunta
15:38 <mummymallia> created a Control Field @Fountain in Zonqor Park +2959625 MUs
15:38 <mummymallia> linked Fountain in Zonqor Park to Collegiata S.Maria Assunta
15:40 <mummymallia> created a Control Field @Imhawla Mill-Vici Prim Ministru +2959797 MUs
15:40 <mummymallia> linked Imhawla Mill-Vici Prim Ministru to Collegiata S.Maria Assunta
15:42 <CMallia> created a Control Field @Imhawla Mill-Vici Prim Ministru +2960470 MUs
15:42 <CMallia> linked Imhawla Mill-Vici Prim Ministru to Byzantine Church of Marettimo
15:43 <DrJest> linked Chiesa Santi Cosma E Damiano to Byzantine Church of Marettimo
15:43 <DrJest> created a Control Field @Chiesa Santi Cosma E Damiano +3134807 MUs
15:56 <DrJest> created a Control Field @Madonnina Di Lourdes +3143299 MUs
15:56 <DrJest> linked Madonnina Di Lourdes to Imhawla Mill-Vici Prim Ministru
15:58 <DrJest> linked Villetta Graffiti to Imhawla Mill-Vici Prim Ministru
15:58 <DrJest> created a Control Field @Villetta Graffiti +3144870 MUs

About the name of the OP: #BucoDiCulo  
We were racking our brains on a good name for this OP, when suddenly someone came in assistance by naming Cropani (the main anchor) "Buco di Culo" which literally means "Asshole", meaning a place in the middle of nowhere.

+Andrea Campo for the idea and the support
+Jonathan Barbara, +Cedric Mallia and all Maltese Enlightened for making this very first test of cooperation between our communities come true
+AFROLuca INHERITRANCE and +Michele Ciacci for having care of Maltese keys for me
+Gianfra Battista, +Marcello Palmeri and +Francesco Marino for keeping in check their zones
+Vittorio Vezio, +massimo sdanganelli and +andrea lezoche for bringing some blue to Lamezia (even if in form of ADA)
+A Detection Algorithm well, we used so many Ada refactors that our cell score lowered with this field...
+Mvega Carmicle for cleaning Bivongi, despite the illness
+Marco Simonelli for leading us (expecially me)
+Malefica Bi for making a log in San Vito and let us know that her and +Fabrizio Mazzucchelli were there, saving the days at last
+Samuele Albano for interrupting his quest on LOL, or WOW, or God knows what he was playing
+Fabio Calabrese, +Domenico Lagana and +Daniele Monaco for support and availability for cleaning in need
+Teresa Carvelli, +Davide Brutti and +Antonella Boragina for moral support, I guess (?)
+Giuseppe Frenk that made fxc save an ada on his very last day as smurf!
+Enlightened Labs for daily supporting italian Enl and making the two heads that created this meet
Special mention for +Pietro Iaquinta, that not only defended Collegiata as usual, but showed his sportiness and love for the faction when, because of an error, he couldn't close his layer, and he just commented "The important is that the OP succeeded"
Well, I wrote too much in italian, so if you want to know the rest just translate the above part, I'm lazy
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

#BucoDiCulo #GreenCalabria   #EnlightenedCalabria   #MalteseEnlightened   #EILinkALorica#EAlloraLeFoibbe ? #fishUnits   #Enlightened   #EnlightenedLabs  

P.S. Finally about 3/4 of Malta was put under a field by +Jonathan Barbara and +Cedric Mallia :D :D
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#EyeOfOsiris #Ingress #Sitrep  

Having received a bunch of Egyptian keys in London last September 2015, the Maltese were ever anxious to put them to good use. A couple of times plans were made from Lebanon and Egypt but timely smurf blockers in Marsa Matrouh and across the Mediterranean ,willingly or not, ruined our plans. 

But last Sunday, a window of opportunity was seen with Marsa Matrouh in green hands and target was set for the last two Check Points of Cycle 111. Getting in touch with the Egyptian enlightened agents, plans were set in motion to bring down green links from previous ops and to link. Meanwhile four candidate Maltese portals were identified, captured and leveled up for the intended purpose.

A blocking link from Lebanon to Marsa Matrouh was threatening to throw off the operation but a helpful agent was willing to bring it down in time for the op. With limited time windows available for removing blockers and linking the base portal, and not wanting to reveal the plans too early to the Resistance, Saturday was spent coordinating the timing between the Egyptian, Lebanese and Maltese agents.

Saturday night saw the removal of the Suez blocker and the link between the base portals coming up.(See Phase 1). Also, the Resistance saved us the trouble by themselves killing the green blocker between Marsa Matrouh and Lebanon. Enlightened Agents from the latter country then threw a blocker onto Cyprus and that helped avoid future blue blockers ruining the party.

Meanwhile blocking portals in Malta were allowed to degrade and die off while others were marked for flipping. A shared Google doc served to list the steps to be taken by each Maltese agent making sure all agents had the necessary items to complete their task.

Sunday morning, the day chosen for the op, arrived with the base portals still linked and no new blockers in sight. Maltese resistance agents were either abroad, on the smaller island, or busy to the north. With CP at 4pm, Maltese operations were set to start at 3pm, giving the agents involved 1 hour to start removing blockers and throwing links. One agent (@SonOfTyre) took care of the first two portals, which were only blocked by links in Egypt while a team of agents (@CMallia, @mummymallia, and @ShadowWing0602) took care of the blockers and the upper two portals. The Maltese team also had a Tactical Agent in @ReaperCat all the way from Michigan USA keeping an eye on Intel and co-ordinating the Maltese activity. With all agents checking in place by 2:30pm, butterflies were fluttering!

At 2:50pm @Bibers removed the remaining portals north of the base portals in Egypt and at 3pm @SonOfTyre threw the first two links to make the first field, netting 9.6 MMU and gaining his Onyx Illuminator badge. As soon as the field was up, the Mallias flipped one of the remaining two Maltese blockers and headed out for the second one, frustrating themselves with slow Sunday drivers along the way! When @JoeyOggie and @ReaperCat confirmed the fields on Intel,@SonOfTyre headed for the second portal. Once there he fielded the second 9.6 MMU field on top of the other and jet linked to the previous portal. It was now 3:17pm and up to the Mallias. They arrived at the second blocking portal at 3:22pm and neutralised it. 4 minutes later they were at the 3rd portal and @CMallia fielded over the others for another 11MMU. 7 minutes later @mummymallia fielded the last field at 3:33pm, netting another 9.2MMU. 

Total MU was 37M over 4 fields (and jet wings) for the first international op and BAF for the Maltese Enlightened. They are indebted to @bilal for the inspirational ground work in the first two attempts of the field, and the Egyptian team of agents led by @JoeyOggie and including the cleaners/linkers @LilPharaoh, @Bibers, and @ManshY.

About the name of the op: #EyeOfOsiris
Maltese boats, called Luzzus, usually with a blue hull,have an eye to ward off danger on the seas. This is thought to originate from the Phoenician ancestors of the Maltese, who might have taken the custom from the Egyptians, and is known as the Eye of Osiris. Given the countries collaborating in the op, the shape of the fields on the blue sea, and the Enlightened Eye, the name was chosen to aptly represent the endeavour.
(More detail here:

Maltese Agents
@SonOfTyre(Coordinator and fielder)
@CMallia(cleaner, fielder)
@mummymallia(cleaner, fielder)

US Agents
@ReaperCat(Michigan- Tactical Intel)

Lebanon Agents
@bilal (support and original plans)

Egypt Agents
@JoeyOggie (egypt coordinator)
@LilPharaoh (cleaner)
@Bibers (cleaner)
@ManshY (linker)
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