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Integrated Advisor Solutions
Providing Integration Led Outsourced Services for RIAs
Providing Integration Led Outsourced Services for RIAs
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Earlier this week I was asked what we do at Integrated Advisor Solutions. Of course my first thought was, “Go visit our website.” Instead, I proceeded to explain how our mission is to provide technologically advanced solutions common to the RIA business model that enable our clients to compete on a level playing field against very large, even multinational, financial services firms. And these solutions are derived primarily from the technology, operations, and marketing elements present within our clients’ firms.

So what does our mission statement have to do with brokers and investment advisors? Twenty years ago, full service brokers were viewed largely as a referral source for investment advisors. There never existed an enforceable fiduciary duty between a client and a broker, so most brokers were more than willing to permit that duty to exist between a third party advisor and the client as long as the client’s assets remained parked at the B/D for the sake of deriving revenue via trading commissions. It didn’t take long for discount brokerage firms like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Pershing, and TD Ameritrade to construct their institutional custodian platforms that resulted in the mass exodus of assets away from full service broker/dealers as RIAs began consolidating accounts.

A second threat to the longtail revenue model of full service brokerage firms is the breakaway broker who decides to leave the firm with his/her book of business in tow, only to deposit those assets at an alternative custodian. In an attempt to retain these at-risk assets, most brokerage firms have established separate advisory arms whereby brokers interested in the registered investment advisory business model can custody those assets under the same umbrella as the brokerage firm, yet operate under a fee-based vs. commission-based revenue model.

Consequently, advisory firms now find themselves competing squarely with very large brokerage firms, even on the basis of fiduciary duty, as brokerage firms would rather refer those clients seeking a fiduciary relationship to an in house advisory business unit rather than an independent advisor who would be free to move assets to an alternative custodian.

The single element on which we pride ourselves is the fact that we bring highly technologically advanced solutions to RIAs enabling our clients to compete head-to-head with these very large firms in the areas of technology, operations, and marketing, and look very good in their clients’ eyes while doing it. We do this by maximizing the operating efficiency of installed software systems, bringing cutting edge methods of client contact designed to strengthen the client-RIA relationship, and creating and distributing media-based assets designed to re-engage clients with the firm’s intellectual capital.

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A little behind-the-scenes look of a simple two camera shoot we performed this afternoon for one of our clients.  We have been retained to manage the firm's online presence for branding and inbound marketing purposes.  This particular investment advisory client possesses a significant amount of intellectual capital and has struggled in the past with creating a mechanism by which the firm can easily share and distribute that intellectual capital with its client base and target markets.

So we are redesigning the firm's website to create a living, dynamic, centralized repository for that capital that accurately reflects what the firm has to offer its clients and prospective clients.  It is our intent to continuously publish timely, relevant commentary, market observations, and investment perspectives both in written form and video form for ease of consumption and SEO purposes.

For the technically inclined, we're using stock (unhacked) Panny GH2's with a 30 year old Pentax 50/1.4 and the lovely Oly 14-35/2.0 and running outboard audio into our fave location sound recorder - a Tascam DR-680.

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Here's a video archive of our recent webcast from May 10th relating social media use for registered investment advisory firms. We present a comprehensive "best use" strategy incorporating segregated content distribution in the form of video, inbound marketing, and social networking and sharing while reviewing recent SEC regulatory guidance on the topic.

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Here is a client case study we recently produced. This was filmed on location last Friday, February 10. Since working with this Milwaukee, Wis based investment advisory firm, we have heavily customized Advent Axys (their primary portfolio management software package), creating custom equity & fixed income trading platforms, as well as custom billing, asset allocation, and account rebalancing solutions. And we continue to provide IT resource management as well as complete disaster recovery hosting and business continuity options.

Presented are two speakers from the firm with whom we have worked since day one...

Welcome to the Integrated Advisor Solutions Google+ page. We provide highly specialized outsourced technology, operations & marketing services for the registered investment advisory community.

As both content creators and content creation facilitators, we are particularly intrigued with the integration of social media with live media distribution for all service organizations, not just RIAs. We believe Google has the potential to create a huge value add in this area, particularly if WebM as a open source rendering destination gains acceptance against other codecs.
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