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Divorce Later In Life May Create Financial Challenges
Take a look at this article to learn more about gray divorce. Find out why more people are getting divorced later in life, and what financial implications this can have on people and their families. Understand how an attorney may help to ease the divorce process for anyone who is considering filing for divorce.

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Understanding military divorce in Texas
Read about the state and federal laws that apply to military members going through a divorce in Texas. There are certain guidelines that affect everything from filing the initial petition to dividing property. Learn about what experts recommend service men and women consider when they decide to end their marriages.

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Hidden assets are common, but often easy to spot
Check out this article about the important duty both parties to a divorce have to fully disclose their assets to a court. Financial disclosure allows the court to fairly divide a couple's property during divorce. However, many ex-spouses attempt to cheat the court and their former spouses by concealing assets. Although some instances of concealed assets are quite complex, experts say that in many cases the clues are easy to spot.

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Parents who Refuse to Pay Child Support may be Arrested
Nearly half of the parents ordered by the courts to pay child support in Texas are negligent of making their child support payments each month. Some owe excessive amounts, making them eligible for the state’s Child Support Evaders program. Read this article to find out more about this program designed to collect delinquent child support funds. Learn more about how an attorney can help people obtain unpaid child support.
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