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Great experience. The original car I prepaid for wasn't available so I was given an upgrade. Unfortunately the upgrade has less trunk space so I needed to pay for an upgrade to a small SUV which was disappointing. The SUV also wasn't comfortable for me given my height but it sufficed for the trip. Friendly staff and quick and easy pickup and return.
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Overall I felt that while the salesman we had, Randy, was extremely knowledgeable about the product and was open in answering our questions, there was a major disconnect and we had a MAJOR issue with regard to presented pricing that I would warn others about, not only with this dealership but with all dealerships when making a deal. I called earlier in the day asking about rebates and financing rates on the Kia Sedona. I told Randy we weren't in a major rush but waiting for a good time to make a deal. He mentioned that they had a few vans that had been used for the FIFA Women's World Cup to transport dignitaries they were selling at a reduced price and quoted me a number. Later that night we went to Kia to find out more. When we arrived we were very open with what we wanted. We again told him we weren't in a rush but liked the discount idea, were looking to finance over a specific time frame and would make a deal that week if the right deal presented itself. He took us for a test drive where we elaborated further that we had an appointment at another dealership the next day, what they were offering in terms of discounts and finance rates and that we like the Kia name and having owned two Kia vehicles before, we would be happy to own another. When we arrived back at the dealership, he presented numbers to us saying he misquoted me on the phone but would honour his price. He gave us a great value for our trade in, rebates on the vehicle and we requested payment pricing which he withheld but gave us an estimate. I feel he held back because we pushed for the rate given that we were to receive 0% elsewhere and he could only offer "bank rate" which was estimated at 8%. We were upfront that we weren't willing to give a bank 8% for nothing and he attempted to value the Kia warranty, extra roadside assistance and other features to offset this rate. We asked about the Kia financing and was told we could receive it if we gave up all the rebates and discounts. We were confused why he would present the rebates the tell us those are "cash rebates" when we said repeatedly we would be financing. We left that night and told him we would think about it, impressed with the vehicle, and inform him the next day as to our decision. That night we went home and crunched the numbers only to find that the Kia financing rate without rebates would be nearly $2000 less than the deal he presented to us. When I questioned this via email, I received a response that it would be looked into then an second email confirming my calculations. I responded we would then wait and questioned as to why the "special discounts" ended up costing more in the proposal was either a poor business practice in that they either weren't paying attention to their offer or what I was requesting or were purposely offering what was framed as a "great deal with rebates" only to be costing customers more in the long run. I said I would be documenting this on online reviews and the email chain became argumentative rather than trying to be sympathetic and understanding. I was told cash discounts were for cash payments (again, never said I'd be paying cash so why offer them) and they didn't sell me anything so it was ok. They presented options on how to purchase (they presented one rough estimate) and I was essentially wrong in my accusations. I asked why we weren't offered the lowest final price off the start and why were left to figure out all the pricing on our own and, in addition, why we were offered rebates and discounts we weren't eligible given the parameters I had given them. I was given the cash price again, was told since I could afford to pay for I'd have to finance and he gave the cash discount and I can't ask for discounts and financing at a low rate. I never did, I just wanted an honest price with a financing rate within my parameters. I was then told to explore other financing options. Beware of a bait and switch and do the math on the FINAL price with interest, not just payments. We did in time saving us thousands.
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