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Alcuin Edwards
Faceless Bureaucrat and Wannabe Khan
Faceless Bureaucrat and Wannabe Khan

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Chuck Berry
Charles Anderson 'Chuck' Berry died yesterday at the age of 90. He was survived by: Themetta, his wife of 68 Years; four children, Ingrid, Chuck Junior, Aloha and Melody; and by Rock'n'Roll to which he gave birth on a lonely road outside Chicago Illinois in...

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Phase Transition
For too long, I've been toiling away at a shitty job with the Department of Health .  Yesterday was my last day.  Wahey! And so on to vistas new, but first let me 'review' my own leaving do, because I loved it.  We played at the Alleycat , under Regent Stud...

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So That Didn't Last Long, Did It?
As I did the usual New Year revolution thing, I made a bunch of promises to myself.  One of those promises was that I would write on this blog at least once a week.  Well here it is, two weeks in more or less, and this is my first post of the new year. It s...

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Bye bye 2016. Will 2017 be better
2016 was the year Nan Harris died and Charlie Jones committed suicide.  Oh no, wait, that was 1979.  2016 was the year David Bowie died and Leonard Cohen and Prince, and Vi Subversa.  It was the year Britain voted to leave the EU, America voted to leave the...

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These are the dead

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and Chapman were powerhouses in seventies pop. I for one, think I
might have enjoyed the seventies more than I did if they had composed
more of the music that formed the soundtrack to what I experienced as
an horrific decade. These are my top five. ...

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Pogues Top Five
The Pogues.  What can I say.  Not my favourite band of Irish musicians but they WERE the band that got me listening again as an adult to music I'd only listened to as a kid because I had no choice because it was part of my heritage.  I borrowed my brother's...

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5 de Brel et 5 PAR Brel
I first came across Jacques Brel in my teens when I saw the film Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris directed by French-Canadian wunderkind, Denis Héroux.  The film was released to universal critical disacclaim (or whatever the opposite of ac...

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New Year's Message
So 2015 2015 was the year I was officially told I don't have cancer anymore but they'll keep on checking every 6 months like forever, just in case.  That's good. 2015 was the year my psychiatrist discharged me and said I'd survived half a century with schiz...

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So how did I do.
This blog has now been going ten years with an audience in single figures.  I feel like the bloke with Aspergers who stands in the corner at parties because nobody wants to listen to him going on about his special subject while he finds it difficult to make...
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