DTAR is organizing a focus group to address the efficacy and mission of the Division of TA Resources at UH.

As a focus group, I am looking for 6-10 TA's who have attended at least one workshop or actively participated in the Certificate program.

The group will meet for lunch on Wednesday 8 May 2012 at noon. Pizza or something will be provided. The group is very informal and I'll just be asking you to discuss what you think of the workshops or Certificate, how/if you used the learning modules, etc. The meeting will not last more than one hour, I promise. This focus group is important to direct future initiatives at UH and I really am interested in your feedback -- I've already learned lots from you, and want to pick your brains one more time.

Please consider this. Feedback + pizza ... I hope that's sufficient to interest you.

Let me know here: dtar@uh.edu.


Bruce Martin
Asst Director, Division of TA Resources´╗┐
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