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Let's try that last post again with a better link. 

I know an adorable little girl named Maddie. I did a show for her last year when she was fighting cancer. Last week her family found out the cancer is back. A friend of mine is doing something awesome for her this Christmas. Help if the spirit moves you. From my friend +Terry Coates   ...

Howdy Friends, I'm sure you noticed the very sad news that Maddie (my best friends little girl) has had a relapse with her cancer.
The family is putting together a VERY SPECIAL Christmas for Maddie and it would be awesome if you guys could help. Alex's sister started a wishlist on Amazon and we are looking to give Maddie the best, biggest Christmas she could imagine. We are going to donate a huge house that we are turning into a Castle for her (She's still hooked on Frozen) and we want to have as many presents under the tree as we can! Here is a link to the Wishlist.
You can have items shipped directly to us, and we will wrap and put under the tree for her. Send to:
Terry & Sheresa Coates c/o Maddie at 4155 Canada Court, Carmel, CA 93923.
Feel free to send a card, donation, or note of encouragement!
Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who you think would be interested in helping! Maddie is an amazing little girl who has been dealt a horrible hand... let's give her a Christmas unlike any other! I can't thank you enough... If you have questions, call 831.206.1003 or email me at:

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I don't know where the fuck I'm going
A lot of things make me a fan of  love certain bands or artists. The music, obviously.  Friends in the band. Having that one song that becomes the soundtrack to a specific memory.  And then there are bands that I like  but don't necessarily love. If they're...

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Forgot my pencil
Yesterday was March 24 . Breakfast Club Day It was my favorite movie up until I saw East Of Eden . It is still second only to East. At the time, there was nothing like it to me. It is directly responsible for me touching boobs for the first time ever. Reall...

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The waters would know me
I went to the beach last evening. While there I called my grandmother back as I had promised to earlier that morning when she called. What's that sound? That's the waves and the wind. I'm at the beach. Aye, mijo, you've always loved the beach. You always us...

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What I learned yesterday
What happened in London yesterday made me fall in love with the city even more. People were defiant in the face of senseless violence. Londoners decided, fuck you if you think you're going to make us too scared to go out and live this life we love in this t...

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Maggie, you're just not enough for me to stay
5:17 PM Central Standard Time. Me: Can I go to bed? TGB : No. 6:34 PM Central Standard Time Me: Can I go to bed now? TGB: No. 7:14 Central Standard Time Me: Now? TGB: No. I am about to start The Walking Dead . Me: Yeah, I'm pretty much over that shit show. ...

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I'm not really cranky. Anymore.
In case you were wondering. Annie asked me to take a picture of that for her in Miami. I cannot imagine saying no to Annie. I also wanted the picture for myself. That image is now my wallpaper. Not my screensaver, moron. That's something else. For me, it's ...

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We happy few
I got a notification that today in 1413 Henry V ascended to the throne following his father's death. I know it is blasphemous to say this, but I came to prefer Branaugh's Crispian Day speech over Olivier's. One time, in the pouring rain just after graduatio...

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Life is a collection of moments
I watched a movie as I drifted off to sleep last night. I watched it because I have loved Anton Yelchin since I first discovered him in Hearts In Atlantis . There was always an earnestness to his acting, much like there is to Ben Marwood's voice. That may n...

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That time Haley fangirled out
Apparently, some Chinese company wants rudyisfunny . They cannot have it. Today I get to drive a boat. Never a bad day. We hired Baley... er... Haley shortly after I started. I was wearing a tee one and day and I hear this shrill scream like, ohhhmmmyyyygaa...
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