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Stay classy, Tea Party. Stay classy. --- Tea party Republican Joe Walsh plans to boycott President Obama's jobs speech
It's not just that tea party Republicans won't work with President Obama to get a jobs bill passed, now they're openly mocking ...

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Uh... I guess the Arizona GOP figured a gun was the best raffle prize? Now I'm not a guy who's into political correctness, but doesn't this border on the line of insensitive and tasteless?

You know it's the dog days of Summer in the DC area when you go out at night and the humidity hits you like a wet sock.

Update on that bike race... From USA TODAY: Carmageddon race: Cyclists faster than JetBlue plane

So awesome. I hope I can visit Barcelona one day... or some evil genius in the States will steal this idea...
McFoie Burger from Tapaç24 in Barcelona -

Sweet... From USA TODAY: Cyclists plan bike vs. jet Carmageddon race against JetBlue

In case you wanted to do it...
How to Import your Facebook Contacts to Google+ -

Thomas V. has certainly improved since he first put on yellow. #tdf
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