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Sorana Blackfoot
Teaching women to create, preserve and transfer wealth through education and action.
Teaching women to create, preserve and transfer wealth through education and action.

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New Year Resolution... again?
This is the last time we talk in 2016, so I will keep it nice and short. And I first want to wish you a VERY HAPPY 2017! As we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year,
it is perhaps the best time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly for...

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Thanksgiving dinner conversation
If you just spent your holidays with your aging parents, you
probably worried (or maybe even talked about) the set up for their final
arrangements. Maybe you are already in charge of their affairs because they
cannot take care of certain things by themselve...

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What are you grateful for TODAY?
This is the month of Thanksgiving – the month of Gratitude.
Not that we should not be grateful all year long… But in case you kind of
forgot this year… let’s talk GRATITUDE today. It is not too late to start now.
And if you read this post, I hope you take m...

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Money Mondays Episode 6 Check out the new episode to learn more about a topic you might find scary... Budgeting. We are helping you make friends with your budget, so you can achieve your goals and take confident steps toward your financial serenity....

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SMART Goals for Financial Freedom
There are 2 ways to
work towards your financial freedom: 1.     Figure out how much
money you need annually to live comfortably, to at least maintain your current
standard of living. Then, take that number and divide it by 0.4% to find out
the total amount ...

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Money Mondays ep 5 We talked about different types of insurance, and which ones are necessary to have and which are nice to have. And if you listen to Regina's story, you can learn how all the best laid plans can go awry and sometim...

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Money and dieting?... Well, they have something in common!
Have you ever thought about your dreams coming true? If
money were no object, where would you be now? What would you do? What are you
passionate about? And would you do that for free? If you want to honor your passion, think about it every day,
imagine your...

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Money Mondays episode 4 We talk about protecting yourself and your family. We talk about responsibility. And then Bunny Young shares her money story with you - a story from the heart with a lot of heart, and money lessons that can serve ...

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Money Mondays episode 3 This show introduces you to Dr Samantha Madhosingh and her money story - and it is a genuine treasure. We also talk about retirement and how to prepare for it. One more step towards your Financial Serenity.

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Money Mondays episode 2 Listen to Amy's money story, learn from the lessons she shares and build your goals. This episode will also teach you a painless way to save for a rainy day.
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