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+Thorby Corvin ffs are you stalking me ?

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hoping that im not as precognitive as i think i am.. fingers crossed.....biopsy on thursday ..:(

i dream of heaven its a heavenly place 
why fall in love when you can fall from grace 

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Found via postsecret
What a quote 

Your image comes to me unbidden
At the most unusual times
Forcing me to scratch open the scab
That you left behind

And bleed so I can cleanse myself
Of the pain and guilt 
So thick and unrelenting at times like this
Other times merely a thin sheen I wear
Like a second skin, but always there

I wonder do you think of me
When I think of you
Are we still linked somehow 
With that psychic connection
We prided ourselves on?

I swear I can hear you whisper my name
I whirl but it is only the cacophony 
Of the crashing waves
The shadows grow longer and the sky grows bruised
The storm is coming 
Mirroring the turbulence in my heart

The lightning illuminates my crumpled face
The thunder drowns out my keening cries
The rain disguises my hot salty tears
And I wonder, wherever you are 
Are you pulling at your scab?
Does your heart bleed too?
© J.Bond 2008

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