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if you require orthotics it is possible to have them incorporated into your Hotter sandals. Please contact us for more information

New range of sandals available from The Podiatry Centre including prescription footbed if you wear orthotics 

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Check out new virtual tour

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GAIT ANALYSIS: This is the study of patient walking —

This is closely linked to biomechanics > the study of human motion.

Gait Analysis useful in discovering the root cause of such things as lower back pain, knee pain, shin pain and foot problems ranging from excessive hard skin and corn formation to sports injuries and various other foot pains.


This is performed under a local anaesthetic and is the surgical removal of part or the entire nail & is normally combined with removal of the nail bed (either with phenol or surgical destruction).

The Podiatry Centre has a very high success rate for this procedure.


A highly effective treatment for longstanding or painful corns, verrucae & removal of the nail bed following nail surgery.

It is normally performed under a local anaesthetic and has a high success rate.

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Chiropody/Podiatry service, Kent: click here for more information.

How we can help >

Problem nails including ingrown, thickened or fungal infections
Corns & callous
Flat Feet
Bunions and hammer toes
Rheumatoid Foot Assessment
Diabetic Foot Assessment
Foot & Ankle Pain
Children's Feet

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Podiatry, West Wickham - click here for more information.

The Podiatry Centre has been established since 2004 catering for all your foot care needs from verrucae and corns to nail surgery.
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