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Dear friends, I want to share with you a project I have been working on for the last year. Gifteehub a social market place to help you find gift ideas and cool products for you and anyone you need to find a present for, your giftees.

You can take a look at the application directly on this link and follow my facebook page Gifteehub, google + +Gifteehub and twitter @gifteehub for promotions and discounts.

For those of you who are selling stuff online that can quality as gift ideas contact me if you want to advertise for free.

I'm also looking for a cofounder preferably with marketing background to help me grow the platform. Let me know if you know anyone who could be interested. Hope you find it useful. Any feedback is more than welcome.
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Toma tú el control en medio del partido. Porque entrenar a tu equipo favori...
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IMO not quoting any attribute values is super-ugly - but being able to write just 'checked' instead of this retarded 'checked="checked"' is clearly a nice thing.
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Aslında uzun zamandır kâğıda döktüğüm seyahat yazılarımı sonunda elektronik ortama geçirmeye karar verdim ve bu web sitesini kurdum. Son seyahatlerimden başlayarak yazılarımı online ortama geçirmeye çalışıyorum. Sitem henüz sadece bir haftadır aktif. Ama en son yaptığım 9 aylık seyahatimin yazılarını çoktan buraya ekledim. Bu 9 ayda Güney Amerika’da 8 ülke ve Asya’da 4 ülke gezdim. Bunların yazılarının haricinde şimdilerde eski yazılarımı düzenli...
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Durante los años ochenta, el género fantástico vivió una auténtica época dorada, surgida muy principalmente por el éxito arrollador de La Guerra de las
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Yo era fan de "Taron y el caldero mágico", aún conservo el album de cromos, y completo :D
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I support the January 18th Wikipedia blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA. Show your support here
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This ARM powered robot is constructed with mechanics from LEGO and uses a Samsung Galaxy S II phone that uses an Android app to control the robot's brain. See how fast it takes for a robot to solve a Rubik's Cube.
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