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Adrian Tritschler
Ongowingly synergising hybrid cloud strategies moving forward
Ongowingly synergising hybrid cloud strategies moving forward


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#sreamysunday as the Snow train passes through Hughesdale

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Not near me, but anyone in Melbourne, Aus. who rides near these parts of the city, keep a sharp lookout.

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Oakleigh bike path surprise -- part of the LXRA works, and as usual, no warning, no signs, just ride through the building site and dodge cranes and trucks that are using the bike path

mishead lyrics. Les Miserables is plying on the CD player, Mr 9 suddenly bursts out laughing having just heard... 'Red, the colour of desire/Black, the colour of this bear"

How cool is that, 23 year old script and I find one of finger protocol servers is still out there!

* Welcome to FingerInfo *
(C) 1994 Scott Yanoff

[A] Auroral Activity [M] MnM/Coke Machine at CMU
[B] 3-Hour Solar and Geophysical Report [N] Coke Machine in CS House at RIT
[C] Daily Solar and Geophysical Report [O] Graph of soda at RIT
[D] List of Periodic Postings to Usenet [P] Cyber-Sleaze Daily Report
[E] Billboard Charts [Q] Code of the Geeks
[F] DataBases via Finger [R] U.S. Weather Info
[G] Earthquake Info [S] Almanac Info/Sports Schedules
[H] NASA Headline News [T] Random Star Trek/TNG Quotes
[I] Nielsen TV Ratings [U] Nova U.'s Grad. Catalog
[J] Packer Scores/Standings [V] NFL Scores/Standings
[K] Tropical Storm Forecast [W] NFL Line Spread
[L] Remote Andrew Demo Service for X [X] Weekly Trivia
[Y] Most Powerful Computing Sites

Please select one of the above (or return to quit): M
One entry found for exact uid match
Login: coke Name: Drink Coke
Directory: /afs/
No Plan


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Google vs Google! Android keeps closing Google+ for poor performance
#google #performance #android #gplus

Well that was a novelty. Got squeezed off the road by idiot driver in a 4WD on the way to work. Just the once it wasn't because she was on the phone and not paying attention. Nope, steering with her knees, eyes down, looking at the fidget spinner that she was playing with in her lap with both hands!

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Amazing coincidence. I rode out the front door to go 500m up the road to get some milk and met these two women who were stopped to check the map. Over the last 18 days they've ridden down from Sydney to Melbourne and were checking the best way to get through to Warrigal road to continue down to the bay for their stop for the night -- I respectfully suggested that Warrigal road is a major pain to ride on, narrow four lane traffic sewer, and that Mackie rd/Chesterville rd make for a much more pleasant route. Thirty seconds earlier or later and we'd not have met.

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