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Melanie Atkinson
Author of YA Fantasy
Author of YA Fantasy

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In doing research for my next book, I was amazed to discover how much things can stay the same in a millenia while change at the same time. I'm probably one of the few people who finds this crazy fascinating but I'm studying kingdom and country borders and how they shift over a one thousand year period. I used Europe as an example in my research and found this neat little video that goes through European history from 1000 - 2000 A.D. and shows how the map has changed in that time.  Definitely worth watching!

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Now that summer is nearly spent, most of my children are back in school, and life is getting back into a routine, I'm trying to stick to a writing schedule. I'm still working out the details since I have my youngest still at home and I'm a bit beholden to h...

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Umm, is it May already?
I'm a little amazed at how long it's been since I posted. Time seems to get away from me and then before I know it, it's been something like a decade (or over six months) since I wrote a blog post. What's sad is that I hear constantly that keeping up with a...

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Check out Sara B. Gauldin!
Don't miss the intense new
novel by: Sara B. Gauldin:  Aware! This new edition invites us back into the tale of our star-crossed lovers;
now existing on Earth in mortal form. As the newness of their mortal lives
slips away, so do their childhoods. Terra and...

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Twitching and Other News
It's been one heck of a crazy month. Between dealing with my six year old's surgery and the infection that ensued, several sick kids, Halloween, a car with a ruined transmission, and all the other unexpected joys in life, I've had very little time for writi...

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Recommending Myself to Strangers
In the 1995 movie version of Pride and Prejudice, there's that pivotal scene- you know, the one where Mr. Darcy listens to Elizabeth play the piano next to Colonel Fitzwilliam and then approaches them. Elizabeth starts taunting him a bit, pointing out his p...

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Finally Here!
"Heiress," Book Two in the Birthstone Series (Sequel to "Sea Dweller") is finally here! While I'm still waiting for Barnes & Noble to list the book, Amazon and Itunes currently have it listed. Also, in our local paper, The Mountain Times , my little "writin...

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Cover Reveal!
It's finished! The cover for the second book in the Birthstone Trilogy. . . or as I've dubbed it, "Sea Dweller 2". Just as with the last cover shoot, my lovely model, Sydney, did a wonderful job hiking in the mud and cold and ignoring the strange looks peop...

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Anyone else define themselves as the Ambivalent Writer? Talk about curse and a blessing.
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