Mapping the Googleverse, part 13: Immersion and Internalization

One of the stumbling blocks of Google+ is due to it being predicated on two core principles: #sociallayer  and #semanticsearch  .

This means that it is at first somewhat similar to previous platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Then, you begin to discover that it is something else completely. In short, it's not a spectator sport at all.

Which means that tour guides like +martin shervington are of the essence, to help you navigate this strange new ecosystem.

Previous installments of the Mapping the Googleverse series can be found in the Conversation Community:

ht +David Amerland 
The Psychology of 'Adapting to Change' on Google Plus. (NEW)
After a long wait due to some tech issues, here is my latest blog post. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to +Leo Deegan for all his support in getting it moving again.
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