Visual Narratives: Generative Dialog

+Gina Fiedel :
What? No picture? No visual re-iteration or a supporting role played by a picture make posts feel empty and dry. Expression is registered and absorbed so much more quickly through pictures and as we know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

“This is a watershed time where we are moving away from photography as a way of recording and storing a past moment,”
said Robin Kelsey, a professor of  photography at Harvard, and we are “turning photography into a communication medium.”
Some explanations for this trend rest on the following factors:

- Better, faster connectivity means faster load times for high resolution images especially for retina screens

- The popularity and falling costs of digital cameras and smartphone cameras has driven a renaissance in amateur photography

- Desktop computers being replaced by tablets and smartphones, which are perfect for browsing images and pictures.

- The popularity of photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Instagram which have essentially become a new entertainment media

- Photo editing and the easy availability of tools for non-professionals to create pleasing text based images

- Information overload has made people less willing to read big blocks of text especially when a picture can convey information so quickly

- The rise of Pinterest

Most industry analysts believe a key event in the rise of the visual web was the rapid growth and stunning success of the social network Pinterest. Images are central to the Pinterest design and users love the site for its visual appeal. It made picture sharing easy, has simple navigation and a sensible “interest based” approach to social sharing.

Humans Evolve a New Form of Visual Literacy… Through Images
_I believe we’re starting to use images to communicate in a new way with one another. Imagery is a universal language that has no borders and describes truths and stories that all humans can recognize.
-- +Trey Ratcliff

Excerpt and Image Source: +Gina Fiedel
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