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John Kellden
Hi! Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences. I design, build and redesign things - frameworks for examining exam questions, patterns of play turned working strategies and models transformed through #teahousesequences into success recipes.
Hi! Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences. I design, build and redesign things - frameworks for examining exam questions, patterns of play turned working strategies and models transformed through #teahousesequences into success recipes.

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21C Monday Magazine: Transactions & Transitions
Issue 67  - Mar 16, 2015

"Our entire culture is predicated on the idea that ideas compete openly and fairly in free marketplace(s). This is the essence of democracy. The results of this healthy dynamic tend to be dramatic innovation, efficiency, emergence, productivity, and flourishing."
-- +Jordan Greenhall

Life in the Village, part 210: Crane Birds
+Pam WhimsicalVintage

Life in the Village, part 208: Corner of Pot Hole Road & Discovery Avenue

"Rain rain go away. It's starting to dry up. Let's hope tomorrow is on. I think the city got most pot holes fixed."
-- +Stacey Blanchard

Life in the Village, part 207: Bleeding Heart
+Sherrill Anderson

Life in the Village, part 206: Mullaghmore
+Eileen O'Duffy

Life in the Village, part 205: How We Spend Our Afternoons
+Zara Altair  &  +Ron Scroggin

Life in the Village, part 204: First White Rose
+Farinaz Parsay

Life in the Village, part 203: La Plaine, Marseille
+Ooook Barnabé

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
-- Anaïs Nin   via +Clay Forsberg

"Without autonomy diversity declines, lowering resilience and destroying the richness of life."
-- +Steven Palmer

21C Community: Retail & Suboptimal Placemaking
via +Mick Fealty

A mall is a social, immersive artifact with suboptimal placemaking. Increasingly, I hear friends complaining that they have trouble finding restaurants with "character". I usually manage to keep myself from delivering the placemaking enlightenment speech - and suggest we go to a place where they serve food. :)

Drugs & Lifespan
+Adam Black

The Four Horsemen
+Brian Koberlein  via +Bruce Marko

Awake yet empty
+Michael Galli

Wednesday Addams & True Love
via +Roger James Thornton Brown

At the Prancing Pony
+Linda Rogers

+Dirk Puehl

Time Lost and Regained
Reflections on Proust by +Hoda Maalouf

Flit like vanishing wings
+Pietro Montevecchio

Pause Between Birdsong
+Mary T

"Fail and stumble your way to to your own greatness in you."
-- +David Frank Gomes

21C Design: Hearing for the deaf

"Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them.
But do not let them master you."
-- Helen Keller    via +Ali Adelstein

21C Design: Crayon The Grids
via +Hans Youngmann

21C Design: Beyond Dystopia
via +Richard Harlos II

"One person's vision for his restaurant where people can go to appreciate the music and where he himself can make good friends and converse."
-- +Simon Robinson

21C Literacies: Everything Around You

"When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and you're life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That's a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again."
-- Steve Jobs via +Adam Scislowicz

1. How am I looking at things?
2. How can I orient myself in the world in a slightly differen way?
3. How can I unlearn and relearn making decisions?
4. What's my heart telling me is my next step?
5. Can I open up myself and listen to generative feedback from others?

We are defined in terms of how we respond to our challenges. There is no 'right/wrong" answer. Just more( or less) efficient learning.

@Theconnecting yes. Play, sense, respond, enact, play, ...

@johnkellden Hi John, hope all is well with you. Many changes/events to come over the next 18 months.. ( some are quite "good" relatively)

@Theconnecting all's well! Increasingly, feeling we're "on track" - though some much needed institutional adjustments.

@johnkellden I think we are "on track" but continuing resolution of many heavy distortions will be very disconcerting - growth is hard work

21C Literacies: Social Presencing

"Here is what Lemov sees in the video: he sees Hinton placing herself at the vantage points from which she can best scan the faces of her pupils (“hotspots”). He sees that after she first asks a question, hands that spring up immediately go back down again, in response to an almost imperceptible gesture from Hinton, to give the other children more time to think (“wait time”). He sees her repeat the question so that this pause in the conversation doesn’t slow its rhythm."
-- Ian Leslie  via +Mark Oehlert

21C Literacies: Writing Ourselves Happy
via +Giselle Minoli

21C Literacies: Digital Identities And Slicing

"My all time favorite digital identity post is still Bonnie Stewart's 'Digital Identities: Six Key Selves of Networked Publics', from change11 . It was/still is central to my "identity integration" (more gravitas than "who am I anyway?") project."
-- +Vanessa Vaile

21C Literacies: Linguistic Analysis Tool
via +Zara Altair  &  +Iblis Bane

21C Literacies: Glossary
+Jay Cross

21C Platforms: Automatic of, by and for the People

+Kevin Kelly  :
Larry, I still don’t get it. There are so many search companies. Web search, for free? Where does that get you?

+Larry Page  :
Oh, we’re really making an AI.

"We are right now in the early stages of an AI boom, similar in some ways to the dot-com boom of the late nineties. Before long, we will be surrounded by countless applications of artificial intelligence, embedded in most of the services and products we interact with on a daily basis. Most of these applications will be quite narrow and specialized in focus, but not this one that Google is setting out to build. For it to succeed, this AI will need to be general purpose in scope, and it will need to learn from us in a free and scalable way."
-- +Gideon Rosenblatt

21C Platforms: Digitizing Everything
+Richard Turnock

21C Platforms: Access, Augment, Advance
via +John Verdon

21C Workflow: Generativity
via +Joe Raimondo

21C Enaction: Beauty Is In The Artists Eye
+David Amerland

In memory of Ben Woolf
+Marcy Luikart

Here and Now
+Tami Smith

Flow of Time
via +Peter Nena

Being In The World
+Donald Lee

Free Dive
via +annie bodnar

Gaia: Plastic Water Bottles
via +Bettina Ascaino

Gaia: Archangel Archive
via +Kurt Vega

Gaia: Baby Galapagos Tortoises
via +Brian Fields

The Dangling Conversation
-- Simon & Garfunkel   via +Amelia Hoskins

"We made it? What happened? We happened."
-- John Kellden 

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21C Monday Magazine
Once a week, a curation of Conversation Community member fantabulousness:

21C Monday Magazine  Previous Issues
Issues 1 - 66

Image: +Joachim Stroh

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Digital Discourse, episode 8: Natural Language

"A Siri le ainm sam bith eile, a bhiodh ag
èisteachd ri, oh 'bodraigeadh."
-- William Shakespeare

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Digital Discourse, episode 7: Nature

Flannel moths or crinkled flannel moths

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Digital Discourse, episode 6: Fast & Easy

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Digital Discourse, episode 5: Mutants

"The bomb has already dropped, and we are the mutants."

graffiti seen at the University of California
at Berkeley in the late 1960s

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Digital Discourse, episode 4: Black Hole Sun

"Times are gone for honest men."
-- Chris Cornell

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Digital Discourse, episode 3: Fifty Shades of Orange

Let's begin
Donald Trumpkinhead came to town
Spreading wisdom and cash around
Fed the starving and housed the poor
Showed the Vatican what gold's for
But he made too many enemies
Of the people who would keep us on our knees
Hooray for Donald Trumpkin
Who'll pray for Donald Trumpkinhead?
Oh my!
Donald Trumpkinhead fooled them all
Emptied churches and shopping malls
When he spoke, it would raise the roof
Donald Trumpkinhead told the truth
But he made too many enemies
Of the people who would keep us on our knees
Hooray for Donald Trumpkin
Who'll pray for Donald Trumpkinhead?
Oh my!
Donald Trumpkinhead put to shame
Governments who would slur his name
Plots and sex scandals failed outright
Donald merely said
Any kind of love is alright


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Digital Discourse, episode 2: The Great Orb of T'kketh


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Digital Discourse, episode 1: Covfefe

Also, in an alternate universe, millions of Americans
will lose their health covfefe.


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Participatory Inquiry, episode 5: New Doors

“In transition: attractors, adjacent possibles and slightly new paths through new doors.”

Let’s say you install a Stargate Portal in your home. Even though you might never end up activating it, let alone intend to go through it — it would still make a difference. Distant worlds would suddenly be as if right there.

Donald Favareau:
“Stuart Kauffman’s revolutionary notion of the Adjacent Possible as an organizing principle in nature shares much in common with logician Charles S. Peirce’s understanding of the universe as an ever-unfolding ‘process ontology’ of possibility space that is brought about through the recursive interaction of genuine possibility, transiently actualized order, and emergent (but never fully deterministic) lawfulness.”

Let’s say you build a vegetables garden together with your neighbors and it’s large enough and tended well enough for you to become near self-sufficient when it comes to food. Suddenly you have disrupted the traditional way of things, if traditional includes going by car to the local supermarket.

Donald Favareau:
“…organisms live out their lives perpetually confronted with negotiating the omnipresent Relevant Next, and are informed by the biological capture of their (and their lineage’s) previous engagements in doing so. And because that “capture” of previous agent-object-action relationships are instantiated as biological signs for the guidance of the organism, not only are “successful survival strategies” within a given possibility space captured (as in traditional accounts of Natural Selection), but captured as well within those signs are the entire complement of previously untaken but still veridical real-world possibility spaces that are inseparably ‘entangled’ with that sign, and just awaiting exploration by the organism.

Thus, while all action in the universe is both current-context dependant and next-context creating, the emergence of ever-more complex semiotic capabilities in organisms has expanded the possibility space of immediate-next-action in the world exponentially, and has brought into being not a pre-given, singly end-directed ordered world, but an emergent, many ends-directed world of promiscuous, unforeseeable and interacting telos.”

Curated Parts of Elsewhere
Stargates and vegetable gardens remain a bit uncommon. What most people do have installed in their homes, is something called television and more recently something called wireless wifi, through which we can access select, curated parts of worlds significantly outside our local sphere.

Which means, if we are using our television and our wirelessly connected screens, watching food shows and sharing catgifs, we’re doing it wrong. Not wrong in an absolute sense of course, there’s always going to be massively multiplayer scaffolding around all signal (culture by any other name would smell as homogenized), but eventually, wrong as in not optimal, given our evolutionary trajectories unfolding through our semiospheres. The next leg of our journeys, outcomes partially unknown.

Go Adjacent Possible, Young Human!

Eddie Smith:
The adjacent possible is the basic motivation behind all human progress. Countless people have died on the doorstep of new entry ways so that others could walk on in. North America was once an adjacent possibility to Europe, and once found, further adjacent possibilities emerged in the west.

Adjacent Possible: An ever-present set of opportunities at the boundaries of our reach

“The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself. It captures both the limits and the creative potential of change and innovation.
The strange and beautiful truth about the adjacent possible is that its boundaries grow as you explore them. Each new combination opens up the possibility of other new combinations.”
 — Steven Johnson

In the face of all this, given that we can’t go west anymore, what is a business to do?

Dave Snowden:
How do you change a system which is entrained around perverse behaviour?

- Map the current dispositional state of the system
- Within those maps identify … patterns of behaviour adjacent to the present but in a more desirable position
- If there are no adjacent possibles, … you need to take actions that disrupt or perturb the existing attractor mechanisms to allow the adjacent possible to emerge

You need the patience to wait for the right moment, but also the courage to act if time is not with you. Wisdom lies the ability to distinguish between those two states.

Life and signs are co-extensive — how about business and technology?

Donald Favareau:
“For only living systems have evolved, by necessity, the ability to “capture” relevant aspects of their own relations with the immediately given Adjacent Possible and to preserve those recipes for future interaction possibilities as biologically instantiated signs.
By so doing, such living systems move into the Adjacent Possible by “collapsing the wave function” of possibility not just probabilistically, as inanimate systems appear to do, but guided by a dynamic that, in every instance, partakes of both the persistently conserved access to the reality of the outside world guaranteed by the feedback cycle of the Uexküllian funktionskreis, and by the emergent yet still evolutionarily flexible system-internal values arising from the organism’s (and its lineage’s) previously captured sign relations, which are biologically instantiated as replicable facilitative system biases and generative constraints.”

A good business is a business that shows some signs of life. Perhaps both business and technology carries deep within, a desire to come more fully alive, if only through us. Is that a part of our lifeworld where we are yet to capture its full, fully vibrant, relevance? Could this be part of our continued journey? If we find these new doors, what stories do we bring back, what insights do we share with others?
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