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Is Your Business Content Boring? Not sure about your content ?
It’s okay to admit you need professional help. For a new take on your written content, call Anna Edmondson of AE Creative Content at (510) 543-8662.

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Do you have a solid business model? If the answer is “no”, it’s time to develop one.

Do you know your financials? If not, call or find a bookkeeper, look at your income and expenses, set some goals.Do you have a mentor, someone in your field you strive to emulate? If not, find one and start learning from them. Are you taking care of yourself? Here are ways to start [click to read more].

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As a new author I discovered it is impossible to be objective about something you have created. I had the good fortune to work with Anna Edmondson who was an invaluable guide for my manuscript.

She went beyond grammar, punctuation and sentence structure by taking an in-depth look at organization and flow. She was a pleasure to work with and enthusiastic about the book. Anna helped bring out the gold in my material and sweep away everything that was unnecessary or redundant.

If you want your book to have a professional polish that you can be proud of, I would highly recommend her services! - Suzanne Bare

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"When I send Anna a piece of my writing, I’m confident that she will keep it sounding like me – only better.

What I love love love about Anna’s editing style is that she cuts words, phrases and sentences out of my work but the writing retains the message – it’s now stronger and more to the point. After she’s worked her magic, the piece is more elegant. I’m so grateful for her work!

I don’t know how she does it! - Lisa

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Collaborating with Anna Edmondson, has absolutely blown me away!! My first passion is photography, and my second is writing. I have created a new biography for myself just about every few months.

Once in the 1st person (but it was too playful). Once it was in the 3rd person (but it was too serious). I wasn’t able to write one that was just right and really felt like, me! Then I met Anna, I sent her a few of the latest versions of my biography, and she created magic!!

The biography she created for me brought tears to my eyes, because it described who I am, my journey, and why I have chosen to do what I’m doing. It really expressed my own voice and style.


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I highly recommend this webinar to grow your email marketing list. Register today:
Our Email Marketing 102 webinar is designed to help you convert visitors into subscribers and build a healthy list of prospects that want to buy your products.

Here is what we’ve included:
- How to create a hook to attract subscribers
- The beauty of multiple signup form locations
- Building a successful Call-to-Action
- How to use Facebook to build your email list
- Promoting your email list and your campaigns

We will also be giving out a worksheet for creating a content calendar and strategy. Join our webinar and learn how to improve your email marketing strategy to generate more leads and sales.

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And lest we take ourselves too seriously about social media, check out this funny satire:

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Hear my review of the wonderful public speaking class "Funny Business" taught by Alicia Dattner

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How To Create Content That Converts (With Happiness)
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