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Amazing video of Moscow!

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Some people would like to find this file because the corresponding video TV lessons are on YouTube, given by a professional teacher. I'm glad I have found it, so I share it here too. 
If this infringes any copyrights, and I should not have it published, please let me know it, and I'll take it away. Thank you. 

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Infelizmente, nem por um segundo nos podemos esquecer do mal que rasa por todo o lado

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Holland is forcing me to watch not only dance ;) 
The portuguese say they conquered the whole podium 

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This is great: East Timor, which suffered a genocide recently, hardly ever talked about and unknown to most people on earth,  is participating this year in the Olympics. So happy for them !!!!! Great !!!! Great Hyp Hyp Hurra !!!
<3 much success for them so happy 

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Hello "karma" "westerners". So: you do defend karma, right?
Do you think  that it is thanks to your fantastic karma that you are born in non India, as a Dalit? Or what ? Each time you say the word "Karma" you need to think of the Dalit. Or do you like Karma only when it is convenient for you ?

BTW, there's of course, a lot more to dialogue or meditate about this, but I can't now. My comment in the direction of the "westerners" doesn't mean to disrespect the huge issue in India.

But just think, guys ! Just think. There in India, they are trying to deal with the problems of casts, which come from a way of interpreting Karma, a spiritual, religious issue. While in US & Cª they're adopting Karma as the most used excuse for social injustice, lack of love, etc., etc. Just look at it from this point of view for a minute! Incredible, right ?

I'm not ironic: this is a huge issue... 

With respect
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