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Susie BogusRed “BogusRed” Sahim
Webby for Google, Animation producer by night
Webby for Google, Animation producer by night

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DBZ Frozen cross over. XD

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My #benny is in great shape but the white one's emblem is pretty worn out. I also have a NASA astronaut who's probably from the early 90's
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I saw the #legomovie this weekend and LOVED it! It's now in my favorite top three animated movies. And I really loved the character #Benny aka "1980-something Space Guy" . When I first saw him I thought to myself that I had him as a kid. Well today I found my Lego's! And I found Benny and a few of his friends. I'm so happy I have him still!!! His helmet and emblem are still in good shape. Perhaps I should distress him to match the one from the Lego movie. spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!!!!!

I'm really disappointed that YouTube doesn't include my nickname in my name when I comment on YouTube like it does in Google+. There are many that know me by BogusRed, not by Susie Sahim. GOOGLE Y U NO understand BRAND! #thisisallgoogleplus'sfault

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Give $1 to 'The gift of clean water' and Susie will match it. Support charity: water together! – One Today by Google

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Please help me for just one minute.

Take a look at my youtube channel and tell me 5 words that you think of after looking at it:

This is homework for the Youtube Creator Academy :D
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