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Reader, Writer, Witch

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It's Not About the Guns
Fifteen years ago, my mom and I had an interesting discussion about the repercussions of being out. I came out the year before, just before graduating high school, and in the intervening time, had come out to my brother, my grandparents, my co-workers, my f...

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Being a Man
Just over a year ago, I met someone. Pros: vibrant personality, intelligent, witty, attractive. Cons: sketchy living situation, somewhat checkered past, ten and a half years my junior. Mom was going to have a field day with that last one. We talked online, ...

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What I Want
When I fall in love again, I don't want it to be the instant we lay eyes on each other. I want it to be gradual. I want to get to know you, really know you, and you, me. I want to understand each other on those deeper levels, knowing we can never learn ever...

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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~ Christmas Book Tree ~ I ♥ Books! ~ 
If I don't appear to be on Google+ for any length of time it will be because I'm reading something that I'm in Love with! ~ 

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Matt Smith & David Tennant on working together and the differences between their Doctors, behind the scenes of The Day of the Doctor.

#DoctorWho #SaveTheDay #MattSmith #DavidTennant

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Science Fun on Film
Magnetic putty engulfs piece of metal!

Post more #scifunonfilm  here
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I've listened to this a time or two before, but it always manages to hit home.
Education is not about knowledge, it's about awareness...

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A little late, but some thoughts after my Samhain ritual this year.
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