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Mess For Less
Kids activities, crafts, recipes, parenting, family fun and frugal living.
Kids activities, crafts, recipes, parenting, family fun and frugal living.

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Southwest Chicken Salad Recipe
As a busy work at home mom, I don't have the time to make an elaborate lunch for myself. Sometimes this results in me grabbing some fast food or other equally less healthy options. But in less time than it takes to do that, I can make this flavorful Southwe...

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Clothing Organization Tips
I have been feeling overwhelmed
lately by clutter and just the amount of stuff we have. Can you relate? It
seems like ever since having kids our "stuff" has exploded. Add to
that the fact that we have been adding things without purging anything and you

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Tips to Teach Kids to Use the Dishwasher + A Special Offer
These tips to teach kids to use the dishwasher have been sponsored, but all opinions are my own. Most moms want their kids to help out more around the house. One of the best ways I have found to get our kids more involved in household chores is to teach the...

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Homemade Cat Treats Recipe
Do you have a cat? A lot of people will tell you that cats are clean animals and this is true when you are talking about their physical hygiene. They take great care to groom and keep themselves clean. But when it comes to eating and using the litter box, I...

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Learn With Play Book - Over 150 Kids Activities
Some of my very favorite kid bloggers have put together a book with over 150 activities for fun and learning. It is so handy to have all of these kids activities and inspiration in one place. I find that especially during the summer and other school break t...

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Drip Watercolor Painting
We recently did a fun kids art activity that yielded beautiful abstract results. In fact, I love the finished products so much that I am thinking of framing them and using them to decorate. But this  Drip Watercolor Painting is not so much about the end res...

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1st Day of School Lunch
The start of a new school year is upon us. After getting a break all summer long, it is time to start making school lunches again. I admit that at the end of the last school year, I fell into a lunch box rut. I was sending the same thing to school with my k...

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How to Make Lasagna Cups - Food Fun Friday
Do you love lasagna but hate the time it takes to prepare? Then this Lasagna Cups recipe is for you! You can enjoy all the goodness of your favorite lasagna recipe in half the time. These are easy to assemble as they use wonton wrappers in place of lasagna ...

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Sending Your Youngest Child to Kindergarten
My youngest daughter is starting Kindergarten this year. She is 18 months younger than her twin sisters, and the fact that they got to go to "big kid" school and she didn't always irked her. She is very proud that she too will soon be going to the "big kid"...

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How to Say No
If you have kids in school or are involved in church or somewhere else in your community, then you might be inundated with requests to volunteer or help out in some way. There are lots of important jobs that need to get done and helping is a noble cause. So...
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