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Full-service electronic billing & payment plan management services
Full-service electronic billing & payment plan management services

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8 Steps for Successful Implementation of an Annual Fee at Your Health Club
Last week we discussed the 8 guidelines you need to follow before implementing a successful annual/maintenance fee program (AF) . I hope
you have already started the ball rolling, at least considering all the options
and surveying your current members and s...

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Veterinary receptionist Rachel Kelly discusses the positive impact of offering additional payment options to veterinary clients through

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Meet just a few of the pets who have received life-saving or life-changing care thanks to a payment plan from!

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Is this case proof of the saying "no good deed goes unpunished"? What do you think? Are you more sympathetic to the rescuer, or the dog owner?
Athens Man Arrested After Rescuing Dog From Hot Car

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Great answer to this question!
Via @TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals:
"Q: Dogs in the wild didn't get their teeth cleaned and they did fine. Why does my dog need teeth cleaning? A: Although wild canids have done well for themselves, they also tend to die of disease, malnutrition, or trauma comparatively young. The wild life is not for the faint of heart. Our cats and dogs have the advantage of regular meals, shelter from the elements, vaccines to protect them from infectious diseases, and health care when disease or injury occurs. They also live long enough that untreated dental disease can become a major source of discomfort and decreasing quality of life. Part of our bargain with cats and dogs in taking them out of the wild is that we take care of them, and that includes caring for their teeth."

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Dogs can be very creative when it comes to injuring themselves! It's hard to know just how to "dog proof" one's home, given the variety of things dogs have been known to ingest. Make sure your barbecue skewers are out of reach. We're happy to know that Kuma survived his ordeal.

Barbecue danger to pets: Dog cheats death after swallowing skewer

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Should we make our dogs pay their own bills? This made us smile :-)
A Bill for All Debts Accrued by My Dog - The New Yorker

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Pretend for a moment that human medicine is just like #vetmed...
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