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New blog post: "Selling RDF technology to Big Data." Please add any comments here.
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Funniest gloss on CAP I've ever read. Thanks!

Didn't mean to be funny--was this unintentional humor as a result of getting it wrong?
Re "Linked Data may not always include RDF technology—when Tim Berners-Lee added "(RDF*, SPARQL)" to his list of Linked Data principles, it became the filioque controversy of the Linked Data community—but the boundaries of this or other sets of technologies I'm discussing are not the issue here. The point is, it's very common to use the Linked Data vision to sell people on the value of using URIs, triples, and SPARQL together.)"

... who exactly objected to RDF's inclusion? I remember only +Kingsley Idehen being concerned (preferring the EAV slogan rather than all the specifics of W3C RDF). 
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