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These are the last two images I plan on uploading from this set, I don't want to many of basically the same image. I've uploaded these two because I can not make up my mind which is the better picture to use on a online portfolio site and would love to hear some thoughts of others.

I had a lighting class over the weekend with the model Kelli Smith who was amazing, I will be uploading some of these images as soon as they have been edited. The portraits from that day are starting to look a lot more like the pictures I imagined I would like to capture.

EDIT: +New Photographers I apologise for any upset, I'm new to this tagging game. I'm an amateur photographer with a passion for capturing people and wheeled things whether that be car or bike, I am fond of trying to pull out detail of the wider picture so you may not be able to tell if it is bike or car, and may not of seen the object up close before. (these will be uploaded to profile as soon as I feel they are up to standard)

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